Skill gaming

Skill games in SL
Skill gaming in SL is only allowed within the rules set out in the skill gaming policy. You find skill games in designated skill gaming regions and operated by approved operators, recognizable on their last name: SLSGO.

The policy makes sure that gambling is banned from Second Life. You cannot gamble in SL, it is not allowed. Period.

Actually, skill games are a lot nicer than a boring slot machine. Where slots maximize the winnings of the players, skill games do not. You play good? Then you win a lot. You are in control yourself.

You can try out the games on freeplay machines. On those you can win, but you can’t loose as you don’t have to pay to play them. Free money!! For those who find fishing or standing around a xploder a bit boring: You can play freeplay as long as you like, as often as you like.

The paid games range from L$1 all the way up to L$100.000.

Examples of a few SL game machines
Entering skill games regions Getting access…
Not everybody is allowed into skill gaming regions. You have to be old enough and not from a U.S. state where skill gaming is not allowed. Some of those states have very strict laws about it. If you are a citizen of one of these states, or you are currently in such state, you can’t play along. Sorry. Linden Labs explains all about it at their Skill Gaming FAQ.

In order to verify that Linden Labs wants you to have payment info on file. If you don’t have that, buy a few L$ and you are done. You can also log in on your account at and enter payment info without buying a single L$.

If you have payment info on file and you still cannot get in you might have to re-enter it. We dunno why that is, perhaps something with outdated info.

Still no good? As always, logging off and logging on again often fixes a lot!
The easiest way to see if you have access is to teleport to a skill gaming region. The system will warn when you cannot get in.

Where to go?

There are dozens of skill gaming regions in Second Life. Click on one of the links here to the right to teleport to one of our regions. We own these regions ourselves, so we might be a bit prejudged but we really think these are the best places to play. We try hard to be good at what we do and believe ourselves we don’t do a bad job in it.

But if you have to…. If you really want… Have a look at our competitors too. Linden keeps a list of all skill gaming regions in the destinatinon guide.

In case you are new to it: Remember these are skill games. You have to know how to play in order to make a good chance on winning. Any decent location will have a few freeplay machines so you can check the game out. Learn the game first! And when you start spending money, perhaps start on the more modest amounts? At least till you get a hang of the game?

Learning to play is not difficult. Neither is learning to play good. As a good start, for most games you can find a manual on this site.

Game Station
Teleport to Game Station.

Devilish Dream
Teleport to Devilish Dream.

Cleopatra Games
Teleport to Cleopatra Games.

All skill games
4Play Classic The original 4Play !! A true SL Classic.
Crazy Animals Make these animals run to the finish line.
Coffee House Something completely different: Throw cows in coffee. (really!!)
Deal Classic S A true classic, with a bad banker and a lovely lady.
Eureka! Great looking fast game in the 4play family.
Fire Put this game on fire and smoke will come out. (True!!)
Joker Fun!!! If you like a challenge
Lucky Rainbow Collect those pots of gold!
Magic Gems Enchanting magic.
Moon If you like a challenge.
No Devil A great SL classic. Lonely at the top.
Plumber Fix pipes and earn rewards on this beautiful machine.
Spin2Pot Keep that wheel turning!!
X-Flash Flashing addictive fun.
Witchcraft Mixing potions, brewing high scores.

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