XK Text Thing

You are a scripter and you look for a decent way to put text on prims? Or a builder, looking for the same and having basic scripting knowlegdge?

Then XK Text Thing is the tool for you. It contains all you need to put text on your contest boards, signs and other devices. Your scripts can manipulate the text.

XK Text Thing works with 8 sided mesh prims, each prim can contain 8 characters and has a less than 1 land impact. You can combine multiple prims to put e.g. avatar names or your upcoming events. You just put as much of these 8 sided mesh prims on your device as you need, and off you go.

The scripts and prims are all copyable, transferable and editable.

Single texture
A popular solution to put text on prims is XY Text. XY Text finds its origin in the pre-mesh era, one of its main disadvantages is the usage of many different textures to display all text. On XY Text each font is fully contained on a single texture. This means that your sign will load much faster for the avatars looking at it.

Traditional XY Text devices sometimes show letters grey or half-loaded for seconds, or even minutes. Here it is just a single texture, and not a heavy large texture either.

Multiple fonts
We deliver XK Text thing with 10 different fonts. A font is not much more than a texture containing all characters (A..Z,a..z,0..9 and a bunch of special characters) so it is pretty easy to expand with your own textures, but for those who don’t feel like photoshopping, these 10 are normally more than enough.

You define in the script which font you use, and which text you want to put where. You can align left or right and of course resize the prim the text is on.

XK Text Thing itself demonstrates all features of the scripts. As all scripts and all other items are full perm, you can edit, play and manipulate it as much as you want. So you get quickly a feeling how you can use XK Text Thing’s script in your own devices.

Setting things up
You place copies of the 8-sided mesh on your own prim. With the name of these linked prims you tell the script that these are the prims meant for text. That’s it, now you can send messages to the script, ordering it to place text on these prims.
Full perm
Don’t start selling (slightly modified) copies of XK text thing on the marketplace, but that’s about all the limits you have on using XK Text thing. Use the script in your own creatious, you get all the scripts and prims full perm, so you can use XK Text Thing in commercial products you sell as well as in items you create.

Rocket science
XK Text thing isn’t rocket science, many scripters have multiple solutions to put text on prims. Still, a ready to use solution saves you a lot of time figuring out thing and more important: XK Text thing is light-weight, friendly on lag and delivers fast rezzing texts.
For scripters only
You need to have basic scripting knowledge to make good use of this device. Much more than that is not required, but otherwise, don’t buy!
Get your own
You can pick up your own copy of XK Text Thing at my Store: (Lumoca 114,4,22)

It is full perm and only costs L$129.
Please don’t abuse the fact it is full perm, don’t spread the device itself, but only use it to make your own creations. The price is about half a US$ in real world money. Let me earn something on it too, so I can keep on working on new thingies.

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