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Winners Contest @ Cleopatra Games Winners contest
We have Winners contests at Game Station, Cleopatra games and the Factory. Winners contest are a reward system, the more you play, the higher you score, however it counts both the amounts you win and the amounts of your buy in as your score. When you play e.g. a game costing L$100 and you win L$300 with it, the winners contest will add 100 + 300 = 400 points to your score. When you play the same game again, but now you loose, the winners contest will add L$100 to your score.

That’s why it is called Winner contest, winning is good, your score goes up rapidly when winning.

The contest splits up the total pot amongst the 15 best players, you see the percentages on the board, the top player will get most, the last player the least.

The Winners contest runs for a pre-defined period of time, e.g. the contest at Game Station runs for 4 hours, then it pays out and a new round will start. The pot grows during each round, with a percentage of all amounts players play to the machines.

The winners contest does not pay out cash, you will receive your winning as game credits (replay). After you won game credits, you can play a game and the credits are used to refund you. (e.g. you won 785 credits and play a game costing L$1000, you will receive a refund of L$758).

On the game credits account manager you can see how many credits you have. Click it and you will receive a chat message.

These credits remain valid for a week. That is a week after you last played a game.

Game Credits Account Manager

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