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Winners Contest @ Game Station Winners contest
This page describes the Winners Contest at Game Station. There are also winners contests at Cleopatra games, you find these described here. (They work the same, but with a different configuration).

With every game you play you collect a score for the winners contest. That score is the amount you paid the game + the amount you won. With add-ons as Wink SK, the amount you won is of course the amount you won on the add-on. Amounts won on contests and rewards do not count.

So e.g. when you play a game that costs L$1000 and don’t win, you score 1000 points on this contest. Or when you play a game that costs L$1000 and you win L$2000, you score 3000 points on this contest. The contest runs for 4 hours, who has the most points after that 4 hours will take the first place, the top 15 will win a prize. Prizes are a percentage of the total pot, as shown on the contest.

The pot starts at L$2000 and increases with 2% of the played amount every time someone plays a game. Also smaller prized games add to the pot, as it is counted in decimal values. So, a game that costs L$10 does add 2% too (being L$0.2). The pot is displayed and paid in whole numbers, any remainder decimal amount will go to the next round.

The winners contest does not pay out cash, you will receive your winning as game credits (replay). After you won game credits, you can play a game and the credits are used to refund you. (e.g. you won 785 credits and play a game costing L$1000, you will receive a refund of L$758).

On the game credits account manager you can see how many credits you have. Click it and you will receive a chat message.

These credits remain valid for a week. That is a week after you last played a game.

Game Credits Account Manager

Try to conquer a good spot on the board. This is not always the top spot. Look on the example above: The player at position 3 will receive 40% of the amount the player at position 1 will receive, but he does that with only 11% of the score.

He’ll have to watch out though, the player at position 4 can take his 3rd spot easily with only playing L$100.

If other players are playing heavily on more costly machines, gaining a spot below them could be very beneficial. The pot will end up very high. If you are playing heavily on more costly machines, perhaps divide it over 2 sessions, so you’ll win this contest twice.

Watch what others do and determine how much to play and when to play it, in order to make an optimal benefit of this contest.

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