Variable Game Variables
Games set with a variable pay out are often referred to as ‘variables’. The concept is simple: The higher you score, the more you win. Theoretically it is also possible to have variables where you win less with a higher score, but you won’t find these at our places (because they suck).

If you play the game as shown here to the left, paying it L$10 and ending the game with a score of 60,000, your winning is 300% (60,000 is more than 59,999 and less than 69,999). So, you’ll be paid a winning of L$30.

We present a wide range of variable games on all 3 our regions. Games with very attractive modest scores where you can win up to 300%, all the way up to games where you can win up to 4,000%.

Variable games are a feature of the game itself, we only present it as an add-on because we think the technical implementation doesn’t matter, and this presentation is more clear to the player.

Also have a look at Devilish Dream where we besides our normal variables, have Wall variables, a complete wall full with scores and percentages. Wall variable at Devilish

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