Turbo Rewarder

The Game Station Turbo Rewarder Turbo Rewarder
Our Turbo rewarder is giving L$200 every 5 minutes to a player who played a game of at least L$100 during that 5 minutes.

All you have to do is play a game. When you win, the turbo rewarder will pay you.

Please note that this is without any constraint: You don’t have to remain in the sim, you don’t have to wear a group tag, there is no minimum number of players.

It is simple: Every 5 minutes one player will win the turbo rewarder. 24 hours a day, always.

The turbo rewarder works over all 3 our regions, so it doesn’t matter in which region you play a game.

Not sure if you already played a game this round? Click the turbo rewarder and it will tell you.

Giving L$200 for only playing a game costing L$100 is of course a generosity close to madness. You help us to stay able to hand out cash on this high frequency by playing at our places. Why not invite your friends too?

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