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The Game Station Turbo Rewarder Turbo Rewarder
The turbo rewarder pays an amount every X minutes to one of the players played at least one game of L$ Y during that period. The amounts and the time are visibile on the turbo rewarder itself. The winner is selected random.

You see all relevant info on the display. Perhaps you are curious for two more details:
* Did you already play a game yourself in order to qualify. (Allow the device a few seconds after your game to catch it)
* How many players are already qualified.
Click the device and you’ll get a chat message as shown below, telling you exactly that.

It seldom happens that the turbo rewarder has more than 40 qualified players. Often less, so if you play a game to qualify, your odds to win it are normally above 1/40th.

If we get a lot of these players or they really stand in the way, we’ll adjust the turbo rewarder a bit. Sometimes the minimum amount is L$100, sometimes it is L$50. Please keep this fun for every one and don’t stand in front of the plate for hours, most of the time in away modes!

Turbo rewarder chat message

Please note:
* Simular devices elsewhere sometimes require a player to stay in the sim in order to have a chance on winning. We don’t make that requirement, you can leave or log off whenever you feel like.
* Each qualified player has equal odds. Playing more games or playing higher amounts does not increase your odds.
* Look for the actual minimum amount to play, prize and frequency on the device itself.

* Some do play exactly one game every 27 minutes. Ok, that’s allowed. It is a pretty simple way to maximize ones winning out of this. And it can add on! Let’s say there are 40 players and the rewarder is set to a minimum of 100 L$ then your average win is 1/40th x 500/100 = 12.5%. This on top of your winnings on the games and other rewards.
* You might find it extremely dull to play exactly one game every 27 minutes, for days in a row. You can still keep the turbo rewarder in mind. When you stop and see a new session just started, play one game more. Play when there are not a lot of other players. Spread your games more over time.

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