A Fire game machine linked to a tadur Tadur is a game-add on consisting of 4 wheels and a Jackpot. The higher you score on the game, the more wheels you win, when you reach the jackpot score you will win all wheels plus the jackpot.

On the picture you see a Fire game with a Tadur add-on. The lowest wheel shows a score of 36999 and 10%, the wheel above that shows a score of 62999 and X1, and so on.

Let’s say you will score 90000 points on this game, playing with L$100, then you will win the 3 lowest wheels : 10% plus X1 plus X7 = L$10+L$100+L$700=L$810.

When you score above 199999, you will win on this game 10% plus X1 plus X7 plus X50 plus the jackpot of L$3344, summing up to L$9154.

That’s Tadur: You quite frequently win a smaller prize and then, every once and a while: BANGGG…

What you see is what you get
You pay for the prizes you see on the Tadur. The wheels will spin after your game finishes, but that spin will set the wheels for the next game. So, if you see X50, you are playing for X50.

On some devices with wheels, the wheels are weighted. On Tadure they are not!! When the wheels spin, each spot on each wheel has an equal chance to be selected.

Each game, we add 4% of the game price to the jackpot. The jackpot keeps on growing until someone wins it.

The bad thing about jackots is: Once they are won, they go back to zero. But not on Tadur! Once the jackpot was won, the jackpot for the next game is set on half the jackpot that was just won. From there on it starts growing again.

Tadur is fun!
All you have to do when playing a Tadur is scoring as high as you can. The higher your score, the more you win. The wheels add an extra excitement, scoring high when having high numbers on the wheels can give a mega-win. Still you won’t loose lots of games, to only win a few times a lot. Play good and you win quite some games, sometimes with a very high win.

Your odds are the same as on a multiplier game, but on Tadur you either win more, or loose more. Play good, play concentrated and be a bit lucky!

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