Subbie Soccer

Subbie Soccer, the soccer game where one of the players is the ball.

Subbie Soccer is original intended as a humiliation device. The one that is the ball is being kicked around, bounches everywhere and finds themselves in a glowing hot smoking ball after each goal. Not seldom the subject will be naked and/or is the prize to win in the game. Subs love it, getting attention with something different than sex, for a change.

We noticed that the game is popular amongst non-BDSM users as well. Just people who love to kick each other around.

It is not obligated that someone sits in the ball, it is just more fun.

Subbie Soccer can be played with 2 upto 10 players. Above 10 people it is still possible to play, but the field of 25×40 meters will get rather crowded.

There is a scoreboard, just click the button on the board to start a new game, and you can get caps, making it easy to distinguish who is on which team.

Subbie Soccer has a landimpact of 26 (when all items are rezzed), it comes with the soccer field, a score board and two devices where the players can get a free cap (blue caps and red caps).

The score board links automatically to the nearest subbie soccer field. You only have to rezz the items, and that’s it. Subbie soccer is low on prims and low on maintenance.

When the game is normal used, the ball cannot get out of the field. If the ball still gets lost, it derezzes itself and the field will generate a new ball.

All texturing can be modified and all items are copyable. You can make subbie soccer fit in perfect in your place.

Subbie Soccer can fit right in at your home, a beach, a club, just anywhere where you want to offer your visitors or your friends a nice opportunity to have fun while playing a game of soccer.

Walk into

Bump into the ball to kick it, bump harder (run) to kick it harder. The ball is big enough, it can make a curve if you bump into it more to the left, or more to the right. Hit the goal to score a point. The ball can never go out of the field, thus the game always continue. When a goal was made, the ball moves to the center dot.
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