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I am Samuil Nikita. I know my friends talk about me as “Sammy the Nerd” behind my back, but I am pretty sure the ladies appreciate me dealing with their tech stuff.

Some of the devices I made are available for sale, inworld. Come check out my store at Lumoca (123,16,22), you could also type my name in the market place, but seeing things for real is always nicer than seeing pictures of things.

I have some tools, useful stuff for landowners, builders and/or scripters, and some toys, stuff to play with. Isn’t that is what SL is all about? To play, preferable together, perhaps with each other, on every way thinkable?

The girls keep coming up with new ideas of things I could make for their places. They are hard to resist, making it likely that I will comply and make some new stuff in the near future.

SN Maze The SN Maze

The maze is a building, or you could make it a part of your build, where one falls in and has to find their way out. The maze is automatically generated, each time with a different pattern, but always with a way out.

More difficult? more easy? Smaller halls? Wider halls? A larger build? A smaller build? The texturing. You all define it in a notecard, and then hit the button, a new maze will be generated.

You can switch on auto-generating which will generate a new maze and rebuilds the maze every X minutes. This being done smart enough, only rebuilding when no avatar is in.

There is an RLV add-on, there are building components to let you easily combine multiple mazes as one, a teleporter, an RLV capture device, an RLV trap (putting victims in a maze). It is all very complete and very modifiable and adjustable to your needs.

Come check out a maze in world:
or read some more about it here.

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