SN Teleporter Board

Morenda asked for a professional Teleporter board, easy to configure, easy to copy, easy to copy/paste modifications from the one board to the other, resizable, linkable to other builds, a feature to communicate with other devices and above all, low on lag.

The SN Teleporter board is all this, providing the technology making it for the region owner or -developer a pleasure to texture it and to place an impressive good looking board at the entrance.

The SN Teleporter board can handle teleports inside the region, but also (Map) teleports anywhere in the grid. It can also send visitors to webpages.

The SN Teleporter board provides the technology, a robust and very functional low-lag teleporting system. You will have to do the creativity, create nice textures to be placed on the boards. I provide some examples, but it is your creativity that makes your place looks nice.

You can scale textures, set the offset and animate textures. All that is defined in the configuration notecard, so once it is done you can copy your work to as many teleporters as you like.

You define all telepoters in the configuration notecard. Giving it a place on the board, texturing it and defining its location. After saving the notecard, the board will reset and process your definitions. You don’t have to rezz teleporter boards yourself, this will be done for you.

You can rotate the board in each possible position, the board will rezz the teleporters, nicely aligned, taking into consideration the rotations.

In the configuration notecard you define the width and height of the board, in meters. You also define the base size of a single teleporter plate, again in meters. The base teleporter is always a square, however you can define a teleporter to have e.g. twice the base width and once the base height, then it is a rectangle.

Now you can play with various sizes, also for e.g. headers and footers.

When resizing a board, you adjust the size and width of the board itself and the platesize. That’s all. Handy, e.g. for having a big board at the entrance and smaller boards spread over your region.

This setup of a SN teleporter board is in use at the region “GameStation”, the flashing header (with an animated texture) is also included in the package when purchasing the SN Teleporter Board. The region holds various skill games, each with a logo, some square, others rectangles of various widths.

By using a small base size and then defining all teleporters with a width and height related to the texture all boards look good, with the texture having its correct dimensions.

At Devilish Dream Morenda made a setup in style for that region. All textures have the same rather busy background, her clients don’t have to zoom deep into the teleporter to read what the destination is due to the large graphics.
Lora’s teleporter board at Freebie galaxy. Freebie galaxy has 17 floors, the 17 floor teleporters are all placed on one texture, using scale and offset she has a low-lag fast loading display of all 17 teleporters. She uses headers to divide the board in sections.

Get your own?
You can find the SN Teleporter Board inworld at my store: Lumoca (119,7,22)

You see two live examples of the board in action at my store, both are also included in the package.

You can purchase your own copyable SN Teleporter Board for L$949.

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