SN Maze

SN Maze The SN Maze is a dynamic maze, you can configure it any way you like it. A maze will be generated based on the parameters you specify.

You don’t have to allow the maze to become boring for users who already know how to find their way out. You can define the interval in which a new maze will be generated and built. Or you can change the maze every once and a while with the owner menu.

SN Maze When someone is in the maze, they have to find their way out, to reach the exit. That is what mazes are for.

You can combine multiple mazes, at my store I have a demo in the form of a tower but you can also connect them as e.g. a platform in the sky.

The maze needs prims to generate its walls but uses resources very economical. Also as far as consuming script time, the maze behaves very modest.

SN Maze The size of the floor, the complexity of the maze, the wide of the halls, the auto-refresh rate (changing the maze with another one) if any, and also the texturing can be all configured.

You can use one of the 7 versions I already included or texture it yourself in the style you wish. Texturing goes as easy as including the UUID’s of the textures in the configuration notecard. But if you like to go all the way, live yourself out with colors and rotations!

SN Maze I have built two demo mazes in-world. Come check them out. They are both a group of mazes put on top of each other. The teleporters and the building components to connect the mazes are also included, so you can just start piling up after your purchase.

Go to either of those two places to see how it looks like in real:

SN Maze RLV? Yes, the maze fully supports RLV. You will find 2 devices included:
* RLV trap, this throws an RLV using avatar into the maze and locks them there.
* RLV capture device, this captures an avatar you choose from a menu and locks them into the maze.

When RLV-locked into the maze, the avatar cannot escape any other way than finding the exit. You will have to rezz the RLV exit – a sort of door – after the last maze, to make sure they reach it. If you have other plans, you can also rezz something else where they surely pass over, and put the scripts of the exit into that.

Our system is as flexible as possible.

SN Maze Purchasing the maze gives you:
* 7 different textured mazes,
* For each of them a connector piece,
* A teleporter to put people into the maze,
* A nice entrance for a set of combined mazes,
* A RLV trap
* A RLV capture device
* A manual

All this is copyable. You can rezz as many mazes as you like!

SN Maze Add content for you visitors! Get a maze.

You can purchase the SN Maze at my store: Lumoca(135,14,22)

Now you might think that it will cost a great deal of L$, but it doesn’t. I’ve seen hair and chairs that costs more than this state-of-the art advanced device.

You have all this for only L$ 1749.

Yup. That’s not a typo, for less than L$ 1750 you can add something new and original to your place.

SN Maze

SN Maze

SN Maze

SN Maze

SN Maze Having a beach? Give people something more to do. Loose some sweat in a maze, play games who is first out.

Could be nice for a club too.

SN Maze Into BDSM, make your subbie actually do something to deserve your attention. Keep them busy. The first one out will have the sex? Keep one busy while you play with the other?

Just get that bitch staring at you for attention to get off her but and do something?

It is all possible.
Discipline, training and rewarding.

Golana(227,51,26) does offer a maze in a BDSM environment. It might fit good at your place too.

SN Maze Traffic? If people have nothing to do, they might leave. Offering more variety could help your traffic numbers.

SN Maze At home? Your house should be more than the exterior surrounding your sex-beds. Your house should impress. A maze in the sky, below the house, or perhaps behind it could surely help.

SN Maze Having fun? We come to SL to have fun, have a good time. The maze is a toy, just something to keep ourselves busy, amused.

I would love you to buy it. It was quite some work constructing the maze and fine-tuning the algorithms. But you don’t have to: Feel always free to use our mazes.

SN Maze SN Maze

SN Maze SN Maze

SN Maze SN Maze

SN Maze Enjoy the SN Maze!

Click here for more of my products: SN Tools & Toys

Purchase the SN Maze for only L$1749 (all copyable) here: Lumoca(135,14,22)

Visit a maze in world, here:

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