Slinter is a real time dating app for avatars in Second Life. You define your prefences and Slinter will look for matches with avatars who are on-line and seeking for a match. Once both confirm the match, you’ll be teleported to each other. If not, Slinter will find you your next match.

Slinter is about instant dating, it teleports you direct to an avatar looking for you. Or, it teleports that avatar to you.

You can use your Slinter Hud anywhere in Second Life. Slinter is for free, just grab your hud and start dating.

Getting the hud

You can get your Slinter hud in at the Slinter Headquarters, in the region Lumoca.

Click this link to teleport to the Slinter headquarters

Click the sign and you will receive the hud. Locate it in your inventory, right-click it and choose wear.

Some of you do have already multiple huds. Slinter can be minimized and can be worn on any hud-attachment point.

Important : Teleporting you

The hud will ask you permission to teleport you. Please allow the hud this permission. Slinter will only teleport you when you click a button to do so. An app designed to find you a date and then teleport you to each other is rather useless if it cannot teleport you. So, make sure you grant this permission.

Opening the Hud

You will see a Slinter hud Icon on your hud. Give Slinter a few seconds to load and then click it, this will open Slinter. At moments you don’t need Slinter you can minimize it again, so that only the icon is on your hud.

This is how Slinter looks like when you opened it:
* A bunch of buttons on the top side.

* Your settings at the left.

* Your match in the middle (no one yet, but we are just getting started).

* An advertisement next to it.

* Totally below a status bar.

Use this button to minimze Slinter. It will reduce to an icon on your hud. In case you are still activly dating, you will see an icon with the green “active icon” on it. If so, Slinter will automatically restore its size when a date for you is found. Thus you can let Slinter search a date for you while not occupying a big part of your screen.
With this button you can start dating. Slinter will start finding you dates and display them for you. At that moment you can choose to either approve this date, or deny it.
With this button you can configure Slinter. Define your gender, the gender(s) of the person you are looking for, your interests and which languages you speak. You can also write a 3 line introduction text about yourself. When Slinter makes a match for you, it shows that text with your profile photo to your match.
With this button you make Slinter appear a bit larger on your screen.

Using the larger and smaller buttons you can scale Slinter exactly the way you want it to be.                           

With this button you make Slinter appear a bit smaller on your screen.                                                                                
The pro button gives information about the pro version of Slinter. Slinter is for free, but you can upgrade to the pro version, this gives extra advantages and you support the development and maintenance of Slinter.

With the free version of Slinter you can date as much and as often as you want. In case you like Slinter and could spare a few dimes, please consider the Pro version, we would appreciate that.

The help button opens a web browser and shows a help page on That is this page, the page you are reading now.

Setting up a good configuration is important. A menu appears after you click the button.

You can have one gender yourself, you don’t have to limit yourself for matches of only a single gender. For romantic dating, most people would do so anyways, but you can also look for a date to e.g. go exploring together.

Define the languages you speak and your interests. Slinter will look for dates that have at least one language and one interest with you in common.

Your date will see the text you write in about you and your date will see your profile picture, you might want to have that picture look nice. If needed, make a new one.

Slinter stores your settings in a database, so they’ll be available next time.

When the settings are good, it is time to hit the button and find a date.

Above you see how Slinter looks when a date was found. I see his profile picture, the about you text that he entered and two buttons. I can click Yes! or I can click the button with the arrows, to find myself another date.

When both me and the date will click Yes!, one of us will be teleported to the other.

Slinter did its work, now it is time to start talking to each other. Don’t be shy. Remember, the other one was also activly looking for a date. He/she was looking for a date like you, otherwise Slinter would not have brought you together.

Make sure your profile picure doesn’t look dull.

Write an attractive about you text.

Don’t use Slinter in skill gaming regions or adult regions, not everybody can teleport to these regions. Mature regions are usually the best.

Find a nice location, so that your date will be teleported to a good spot. For those who need it spelled out: A good spot is not a sex bed with you already laying on it.

Don’t abuse Slinter. We can ban people from using it, in case you do.

Be nice, positive and friendly to your date. The other person is a human too. You can always end your meeting on a friendly respectfull manner when you figure out that this is not the date you are looking for.

You do not have to look every time for the same date. You can change your settings as often as you like.

Looking for material to keep the conversation going? Read the others profile.

Slinter doesn’t find a date for you? Are you settings perhaps too specific? There are more English speaking males looking for a female for romance, then there are Finish speaking shemales, looking for a switch to visit Jazz clubs with. Make sure you checked all the languages you speak and at least a few interests. For the pro version users: Yes, you can filter people out, but…flitering them all out won’t bring you far either.

Slinter Pro

The Pro version of Slinter brings some additional features and advantages:
– You can define an extra filter on avatar age, filtering avatars that you find too young or too old out.

– You can define an extra filter on seeking gender. So that when you e.g. are a male, seeking for a female you could filter out females who are looking for a male, shemale or switch.

– You can define an extra filter on language, filtering people out who speak a certain language.

– You can define an extra filter on interest, filtering people out who have a certain interest. E.g. when you are looking for friendship you could filter out people who are also looking for friendship but besides that also for sex.

– You can define an extra filter on payment info.

– You can define an extra filter on RLV.

– You can set a teleport preference. Slinter chooses who teleports, either you or your date, but if you set a preference it will follow that preference, unless it has good reasons not to do so.

The main advantage of the pro version is of course that with purchasing the pro version, you help us paying all the costs for Slinter. We are grateful to all who do.

Go get your hud, if you don’t already have one and enjoy Slinter !

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