Not all places listed here are about sex and nothing but sex. More see this category as a listing you can use at moments your mind is about sex and nothing but sex.

You need to get laid virtually… have a look at these spots. When you find sex something that goes together with love and romance, these places might not be for you.

You would need two things : Someone to do it with and a place to do it. You’ll find both using the list below.

Oh uhh… not all locations and their visitors might be of the stylfull, warm kind with full respect of the human integrity. Things can get rather sleezy.

Second Life's Shemale Sex Palace Shemale Sex Palace

I think the name of the place says it all. All are welcome though, boys, girls and more mixed forms of boys and girls.

Upstairs is a dancfloor and some nice counches and stuff. Downstairs a dungeon and beds.

Have fun! Oh, and uhh for those guys who have no idea what a shemale is…better figure that out first before running of to the beds with a nice girl.
/me ** giggles **

Sexylife island

Sexylife is about sex and about being naked. It is one of those Brazilian locations, where English is a second language and Portugese the first.

But of course.. the language of love is universal.

Go look for your mate at the naked dance floor, and then have fun in one of the private spots. Males might wanna check their penis first. You also have a non-erected one? You’ll look like a jerk walking around with an erection all the time on the naked dance floor.

Sexylife island is very stylefull and well done. It might cost a bit more effort here to find someone to hump on, but then you might also be humping someone who is a bit more worthy being humped by you.

Sexylife island
Sleezy sleezy - the cumfort zone Cumfor’t zone

The cumfor’t zone is undoubftully about sex. People hanging around between the girls on dance poles, a few slaves or sex sluts or whatever they call themselves, being tied up, or gagged.

Around that all a wide varity of sexual poseballs. Most of them about oral pleasures of the kind where she gives and he receives.

Somehow I estimate the chances to meet exciting fellow-avatars here as not too big. But you’ll get laid, if that is what you are looking for.

Each can have his own thoughts about the theme, but within that limitations, the place is rather well done. You might also want to look a bit further than the meeting place around the dance poles.

You really really must go out and give a stranger a headjob, or get one? Well.. click the link and have fun.

Escort Oasis

Escort Oasis is a freelance escort club. Both male and female hookers .. uuhh sorry… escorts work here. Anybody who wants can use all the facilities (dance poles, private rooms) free of charge. Escorts can work here without needing permission first.

The dancepoles are the popular spot (all tips go to the dancers, the club doesn’t pimp them).

If you want to rent out your body or make some extra on a dance pole, you are welcome to do so here.. but you better be a bit good as the hoo.. escorts outnumber the potential clients 2 to 1 at least. (and half of the clients hasn’t a dime to spend)

Escort Oasis
Free Sex Forest Free Sex Forest

This place is actually rather nice done.

If ur looking for sex in public with random strangers, go have a look here. Don’t bother the ppl at the entrance that are campers. A bit further is the play area.

Recently one has to be ‘age verified’ to visit this kind of places and places as this get mainly visited by newbees..who might not have cracked the age verification yet… I fear for places as this that they’ll sit rather empty.

Java Island

This places covers a whole Sim, filled with all sorts of poseballs, ranging from sweet little cuddles to wild hot orgies. There is a nude beach, a dance floor, a dugeon.

Inside the big castle there are plenty of rooms for having sex. (Don’t try to open the doors, just walk through them). Outside it is more a romantic place.

I don’t think this is a very stylefull place to take a date to. It is often crowded here. You might be just looking for someone to have s.e.x. with, or like doing it in public. In that case you could go have a look over here.

Love and sex at Java Island
The name says it all Sexy Nude Beach

This beach doesn’t have its name for no reason, but if you think you gonna fuck around, you are wrong. You’ll have to do that elsewhere.

This place is always very crowded with ppl wearing none or not much clothes. (don’t walk around with an erection guys, it is not allowed and security will point on that).

All are looking for someone to do something with, and that usually isn’t a game of chess.

The Keyhole Club

Watch and be watched…

One goes here to have sex or watches others having sex. Voyeurism is definitly allowed here, if not encouraged.

I don’t really understand this place, but it is rather stylefull, most area’s are not fully sexual themed. You can also dance, cuddle, sit somewhere and talk.

Oh.. and guys, they have erection rules here!!. Think about your mother in law.. or whatever trick you use, but be aware: Erections are NOT allowed outside the rooms.

Keyhole club
The Sun Dungon The Sun

Style is a matter of taste. Personally I never feel to well at The Sun. Commercial, not really anything beautifull, laggy and noobish. But I don’t think it is a bad place, I just don’t like it. I also don’t like grapefruit but love strawberries. You might find strawberries distastfull but wake up in the middle of the night dreaming about grapefruit.

What I try to say… just go and have a look urself.

There is a dungeon where you can play. Outside it you find a few places corners for fooling around with another undressed or perhaps chained fellow-avatar mingled among the many shops and vendors.

Love Nude Beach

Love Nude Beach is a beach filled with people who are either having sex or really would like to have sex, right here, right now.

The owner of the place clearly doesn’t care his visitors, so it is a wonderfull place for spammers, vampires and other badasses: I got in 30 minutes time 3 vampire bite requests, 2 group join invitations and a landmark to a zyngo place, was offered sex by a call girl and 2 items got dropped in my inventory.

But in case you do look for sex, no mather how and with who..go have a look here.

Because the place wasn’t terrible enough they also put out some zyngo machines (Zyngo is gambling but then even worse) and advertisement boards that give you presents.

Oh, there is also a good part: You can use the jetski’s for free.

Sure, go have sex when you are horny. SL offers wide range of places just to do that, pick another place, ignore Sex Beach

sex beach
a giant orgy room Free Sex Land

A giant orgy room.

Often many people just stand here, not using the wide variety of sexual equipment. Apperantly reading profiles and sending IM’s. I got a dozen “Hi, how are you”‘s and lines as:
hi fancy some fun on web cam 31/m/uk?

This place draws the kind of visitors one might expect.

Also for sex with random strangers you might be better of elsewhere.

Crowded, laggy, awfull and most likely also no good sex.

Toy Slaves Brothel

I was explained once that paid sex can be still exciting and worth it even when there is plenty of the free alternative available.

You wanna visit a hooker? Toy Slaves Brothel is brothel, where the girls are D/s, BDSM submissives. They might be willing to fullfil rather filthy desires, but of course at a price. A blowjob goes for L$500, a lap dance L$200. If you want more, you’ll pay more.

Female clients are also welcome but I didn’t really feel like testing the quality of the service. So you’ll have to do that yourself.

toy slaves brothel

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