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Restrained Life viewer

With the Restrained Life Viewer (RLV, a.k. Restrained Love Viewer) you can give others control over you. This can go rather far, the other can amongst other things change your clothing (or remove it), force you to sit somewhere, block your chat, teleports your elsewhere..etc.

RLV is rather popular in the BDSM scene where a sub can give his/her master or mistress control over themselves using RLV. Instead of e.g. taking off your shirt, your master just takes off your shirt, instead of asking you to sit somewhere, he just puts you somewhere. RLV was invented to make a Second Life BDSM experience more realistic, but is also popular outside the BDSM scene.

RLV is free, it is fun, and it can be used by anyone. Use it to make your life more dangerous, to give your partner more control over you, to let others capture you.

It also possible to have scripted objects controlling you. Many in-world prisons use RLV for that purpose, RLV keeps the prisoners in.

NOTE: You can always take back control over yourself. Your collar (I explain later on) has a option to run away or simply reset. You are in no danger of permanent damage or ending up in the hands of a full-scale idiot who locks you up and forgets about you.

Getting the Restrained Life viewer

The software you have installed on your computer to access Second Life is called your viewer software. Unfortunatelly the standard viewer software does not include Restrained Life functionality. To get RLV you will have to install viewer software that has RLV functionality. These are 3rd party viewers, they are not made by Linden Labs themselves but with permission of Linden Labs. By far the most popular 3rd party viewer is Phoenix.

You can download Phoenix for free and install it. It will not replace your current viewer, so you will have two alternative ways to go to Second Life. Don’t use them simultaneously, either log in with Phoenix or with your default viewer, but trying to log in with both at the same time won’t work.

Phoenix is by far a better viewer than your default viewer but (supposing you use viewer 2) also everything looks different. You might not like that, in that case there is an alternative. The original creator of RLV, Marine Kelly, has a Restrained Life Viewer (she nowadays calls it Restrained Love Viewer) based on the viewer 2. You can download this at her site, Download the one with a version number starting with 2. Installation goes semi-smoothly, in my case it suggested a bit a weired folder and didn’t create a shortcut. So you’ll have to create a shortcut yourself.

Enabling RLV

If you use Marine Kelly’s Restrained Love Viewer you cannot disable RLV, it is always on, so need to enable it. In Phoenix it is by default disabled. In Phoenix choose Edit / Preferences / Phoenix / Misc and then check “Enable Restrained Love features”, to enable it.

Phoenix viewer - edit - preferences - misc - enable RLV

Making it work

Your viewer now can handle RLV commands..if it gets any. Scripted objects can communicatie with your RLV, to allow others to use it you need to give them something they can click. The most common form is a collar.

Open collar provides a wide variety of collars, from stylish necklares to big steal belts with the word SLAVE on it. They have something for everyone, and as with all good things, fully for free. You can get open collar at many places.

Go here for getting yourself a free collar.

Choose one, click it and you get it delivered in your inventory. Wear it. You don’t like it? Choose another often as you like. It is free.

You can access the menu of the collar by clicking it. A more easy way to reach the menu is typing menu in open chat. The prefix is the first letter of your first name and the first letter of your last name. My name is SLI Chun so my prefix is SC. With scmenu I can reach my menu. If your avatar name is Hank Dude then your prefix is HD and you can access the menu with hdmenu.

A vendor where you can get an open collar
A open collar vendor

Ready to play

Stand somewhere nearby the one you would like to give control. Open your menu, click on Owners, click on Set owner and choose that person from the list. He or she now has control over you. There are more options, to add secondary owners, be owned by a group or even to give access to all.

Your owner now has control over you. Check out the menu’s:
Lock : Lock your collar so you cannot remove it
Animations : Make you sit, kneel, but also kiss, hug.. and a quite a few things more.
Appearance : Change the appearance of the collar.
Bad Words : Have you punished automatically and instantly if you use a forbidden word.
Help/Debug : Here is a manual amongst other things.
Leash : Put you a leash and pull you with him.
Owners : Change your ownership. Setting you free, or add others.
RLV : A lot of RLV options.
Spy : Spy on you. Where do you teleport, who do you meet. What do you say.

The collar can also be used without RLV but then you won’t have the RLV options. Those contain of a large set of abilities you can be allowed or forbidden. Your owner can allow/forbid you to talk, teleport, dress, undress, use the map, refusing teleport requests (you just go automatically when your owner decides to teleport you), fly, use your inventory, use notecards, see names in local chat, and so on and so on. I hope you get the idea, you give control, you can be restrained. Your owner can leave you somewhere naked, with no rights to teleport, and unable to talk, sitting on a chair where you cannot stand up… if he decides so.

With the sit menu he can just put you on any poseball, chair or whatever. You’ll be just sitting there till you are allowed to stand up.

To mention an example for the non-BDSM folks: Your dude can throw you on the bed and rip your clothes off instead off having to say “could you please click the pink poseball and take your pants off, sweetie”. He could of course also use it to drag you out of a mall.

There is more..

Your collar contains a relay. That makes it possible to use RLV equipment and toys on you. Blindfolds, cuffs, cages to lock you up in, bondage devices, mars controlled zones…. there is so much.

Some might find it scary. But remember, you give away control. You can take it back again. Always. You can always open your menu, choose the owner button and click reset. Some also find it safe to add ones self as a owner.. and others as secondary owner.

As slutty as it might be…sometimes.. I like to set it at open access.. while still having myself as owner. Allowing others to play with me – they can just grab me – but this way I still can decide how far it goes. Of course a real subby would just give control to his/her master or mistress.

It is possible with RLV to also make them change your outfit but you have to prepare that in your inventory. Read the help manual of your collar for that.

RLV is great!!! wheter you use it to make your SL experience a bit more dangerous, or to submit yourself to another, or just to give your partner a great time.

Have fun trying out RLV (;

blindfolded girl
She is blindfolded, she sees nothing

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