LZ Games

Luke and Morenda
MorendaAljon SLSGO & LukeZerundi SLSGC
Luke Zerundi
All approved skill game creators within Second Life are recognizable at their last name: SLSGC. So, the formal name of our skill game creator is LukeZerundi SLSGC.

Luke is a scripter. He is usually found high in the sky at a desolated sim, far away from everybody creating great stuff while ignoring his IM’s.

As we offer the games created by many different creators, you can find Luke’s games too at many regions in Second Life, of course also in our own regions.

LZ Games simply stands for Luke Zerundi Games. LZ Games is aiming for variation and innovation, making all sorts of games for all sorts of players.

Our games:

  • Fire – Fire, our newest game, is still pending approval, thus it can only be played as freeplay.
  • Joker – Our oldest game. Fast and fun, play a good strategy with all those different jokers.
  • Magic Gems – Remove gems to make strong lines.
  • Plumber – Be a plumber! Fix pipes. It is fun and very useful work.
  • Witchcraft – Mix magic potions. Only the best will succeed.
We aim to expand our range of games drastically, if possible. Luke loves scripting them and Morenda loves helping to make up new concepts.

We hope you enjoy our machines and, there is more to come. Stay tuned.

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