Daily rewards

Daily rewards @ Game Station

The Daily Rewards at Game Station are a loyalty system. The 10 players who play the most (measured in total L$ played) during a day will be rewarded with a prize. At the left side of the board you see the current contest, at the right side you see the winners of last day.

When you win a prize you have to click the button Collect L$ in order to receive your price. After you click this button, the prize will be paid to you. You have to do so within 24 hours after you won the prize.

The Your Rank button tells you your rank in the current contest plus your score (the sum of all amounts played) so far, it also shows you the score of the player one rank above you and of the player one rank below you. Use this info in order to determine if playing more is usefull in order to consildate and/or improve your ranking.

Play good at the games, winning a lot of money back makes it the much more easy to play more than others and thus reach high in the ranking of the rewards. As more rewards at Game Station have a time component, timing what you play and when you do so, helps a lot in maximizing your winnings.

Use the Your rank button to get a clear picture on the ranking of others, to determine if it is wise to play more or not.

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