How to play X-Flash

X-Flash is a skill game based on the very popular game flash. In this manual I will guide you step by step through the game, explaining you how to play this game. X-Flash is the greatest 5×5 game available in Second Life. It plays smooth and if you take a little care you can benefit from the skill features.

As you see on the X-Flash machine showed here to the left: On top of the machine you see how much you can win, in this example x2 the amount you pay and the score you need to beat in order to win.

Below on the machine you see the game costs. Thus this game costs L$10 to play, you need to beat 39888 points to win x2 that amount.

When you pay the game you can choose between 4 amounts and you could e.g. pay the game L$20. In that case you can win L$40.

I will pay the game L$10, and then we go step by step through the game play, explaining all facets of the game while we play.

Before playing I make one calculation: I divide the target score by 1.1, thus in this case 39888/1.1 = 36262. Always round the result up.

If we beat the score of 36262 during the game, it is a sure win. This is because at the end of the game there is a bonus round. In this bonus round you can win extra points, between 0 and 5000 or x2. You can also skip the bonus round and get 10% extra points. If we reach more than 36252 points but less than 39888, we will win the game when choosing that 10% extra. We could in that case still play the bonus round, having a chance to still win with a much higher score, but then also with a chance to loose an otherwise sure win.

Never spoil a sure win!

Direct after paying the game we see the board showing two multiplier spots. The game has a X2 and a X3 multiplier and they are on these two spots, as soon as we match the number on that spot, we will get the corresponding multiplier. There is no way to tell which one is the X2 and which one is the X3.

After you reveal a multiplier all score is multiplied by that multiplier. This, e.g. for matching a line we get 1000 points, but when the X3 multiplier is active, it will be 3000 points.

We only have a few seconds to remember where the multipliers are. Although it is perfectly possible to win the game without knowing where the multipliers are, the advantage of knowing their position is enormous.

I usually move my mouse to one of the positions and then remember the relation to that position and the other one.

East memorizing using the mouse

As you see my mouse is with one of the multipliers, all I need to remember (for a very short time) is that the other multiplier is on the same column, at the top position.

After a few seconds, the revealed positions of the multipliers dissapear, the playboard is shown and the first round begins. My mouse is still at the multiplier. I see now, the multipliers are at the numbers 14 and 18.

I don’t want to play this game as a game of memory, where I have to remember those 2 numbers the entire game. I always play X-Flash with an open notecard (and also the chatwindow open and in sight, we’ll get to that later). I simply type those 2 numbers in my notecard, so I have them on my screen, next to the game. I don’t want to have to remember anything, I just want to see it on my screen. I have a computer to memorize things for me, not me..

On the spiner we see the numbers 8, 15, 28, 49 and 55. From these numbers only 28 is a match (it is also available on the playboard). I cick on 28 – on the playboard, not on the spiner!! – to match it. That will give the first 200 points. Now I can click the spiner to go on to the next round.

In the next round – we see the number of rounds left decreased with one – we start with the 200 points we got for matching the number 28. Matching a number always gives 200 points.

This round we get a lot of matches: Each of the numbers 11, 24, 34, 50 and 64 is a match. Below the spiner we see the word wild at the 2nd column. This indicates that the next round we will have a wild in that column. Although this can be very useful information, which could lead to different decisions on how to play the wilds we have this round: We don’t have any wilds this round. So, for now we cannot do anything useful with this information.

Sometimes the order of playing numbers matters (when revealing a multiplier), but that is also not the case at this moment. Sometimes it can be wise not to play a number, e.g. revealing x2, when already having x3. Also this is not the case this round.

I simply make all the matches by clicking the numbers 11, 24, 34, 50 and 64 on the play board and then click the spiner to move on to the next round.

This round starts with 1700 points, while you might have expected 1200: The 200 we already had plus 5 x 200 points for the matches we made previous round. The 500 extra points are earned because we have a wild. Each wild gives 500 points.

We can play that wild on any position we choose on the same column and we can also play number 5 on the first column.

Two things need to be noted here:

Play the wild first – We will use the wild to reveal one of the multipliers. Both 14 and 18 are in this column. If we first play the 5 and then reveal the multiplier, playing the 5 will give 200 points. After revealing a multiplier it will give 2 x 200 points, or if it is the x3 multiplier even 3 x 200 points. Thus playing the 5 first and then the wild would mean we throw away 200 or 400 points.

Choose 18 – We don’t know which of the fields 14 or 18 holds the x2 and which holds the x3 multiplier. We do know that number 18 is on a diagonal and on the pattern. 18 is a much nicer number to have surely matched than 14. There is no doubt, it is not an opinion, it is a fact, playing 18 is the wise choice here.

We will get points for completing lines, a diagonal is also a line, so 18 helps us a step closer to completing 3 lines (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) while 14 does that only for 2 lines (horizontal and vertical). Completing the pattern will also give points. Thus….18, and not 14.

There we go: Clicking 18 and then 5 on the board.

As you see, previous round we gained 800 points. The x2 multiplier is effective immediat, thus both matches gave double the 200 points.

This round we can match the numbers 16 and 53. There is nothing special about them, the order doesn’t matter. Let’s match them and move on to the next round.

This round again requires nothing from us as that we make sure we see all matches we can make. Only one for this round, number 46.

We click 46, then the spiner to go to the next round.

Rounds like this one are the worst. Nothing to match at all. Hmmm… is part of the game. Let’s click the spiner, on to the next round.

Another round like that. Nothing to match )):.

Ok, we see there is a wild coming up in the next round. A wild in an interesting column. A look on our notecard learns that there is a multiplier at number 14. Since we already have the X2 multiplier, it must be the X3.

Anyways, we click the spinner, and go on to the next round.

This round is more fun. We have the wild at the 2nd column, but we can also match 33 and 63. With matching 63 we will make our first line, a diagonal line.

We saw before that the x3 multiplier is at number 14. By matching 14 first, we activate the x3 multiplier, and have the points we get for matching 33 and 63 multiplied by 3 instead of 2. So, the order is important: Play 14 first and then 33 and 63.

Note: If we had the X3 multiplier already, we would know that 14 would give the X2 multiplier. In that case it would of course be logical not to match it, but to take 21 instead.

We play 14, 33 and 63, afterwards we click the spiner to move to the next round.

Our score more than doubled. We gained last round 3 x 200 points plus 1000 points for completing a line. That is 1600 points, all multiplied by 3, thus 4800 points were added to the 4700 points we already had.

This round requires no thinking, just making sure we don’t miss any match. We can only match the 54, let’s do that, and then click the spiner, on to the next round.

This round we only have number 13 to match. Let’s do so, and move on to the next round. As we can already see at the 2 words wild, the next round will have 2 wilds.
Our score goes rapidly up. The wilds gave each 500 extra points, both multiplied by 3, thus an extra 3000 points, just for getting 2 wilds.

But hey…we also see the treasure chest, number 13 revealed it. That is important to remember, I type 13 in the notecard, not to forget it. If I would have forgotten which number it was I matched,it is also mentioned in local chat.

This round I can match 2 blue wilds, and number 45. The first blue wild is clear, it should be matched on number 21, as there is no other option available in the same column. For the second one we can make a choice: 36 or 32.

The only correct choice here is 36. 32 would be a wrong choice. Both fields will leave their horizontal line with one more field needed to match, but 36 is on the pattern where 32 is not. Completing the pattern will also give a lot of points. Thus: 36.

Ok, we play 21, 36 and 45, getting an extra 3000 points for completing a vertical line at 21, and click the spiner to move on to the next round.

The treasure chest didn’t give us any extra points. It will do when matched again with the same number (in this case 13) or a wild, in any of the next rounds. When done, it will give 1000 points extra (multiplied by the multiplier).

Additionally when matched with the number (thus not with a wild) while the x3 multiplier is active, it gives an extra round.

This game we won’t get number 13 again, as we can see scrolling down, but if we got it, we could use it to get a lot of extra points and an extra round. Often making a difference between a win and a loose, so…write that number down, either in your notecard or on good-old paper.

This round we can play 3 and 32, so we do that. 3 will complete a horizontal line, 32 a vertical one, thus that is again thousands of points extra. Points needed desperatly as with only 2 rounds to go we are not even half on the score needed.

Because it is likely that lines are completed more near the end of the game, we only need one more match to complete the pattern, and there is still a bonus round to come, the situation is anything but hopeless.

Let’s just click 3 and 32, see what the next round brings.

Aiii…bad round. Nothing to match at all.

Though, we see, in the coming round there will be a wild. A wild on that column that has the only remaining match on the pattern.

Thus, spiner click and on to the next round.

That wild we already knew was coming is also the only match we can make this round. So, let’s match it. That gives a whole bunch of points, 200 for the match, 1000 because it completes a line, and 3000 because it completes the pattern. That all multiplied by 3.

It won’t be enough to win the game…
but we still have a bonus round coming.

First a word about the wilds. This game we only got blue wilds. There is also a green wild. This green wild can be used to match any field on the board. If it appears it always appears on the middle column. Use it wisely, consider the pattern, the diagonals, the lines, the multipliers. Early in the game the green wild can be an easy way to catch one of the multipliers.

The bonus round

We have one shot, clicking either one of the question marks and get 0, 1000, 3000 or 5000 points or X2, or click the green button and get a guaranteed 10% extra on the score.

In the beginning of the game we calculated that we need more than 36262 to make the game a sure win, because then 10% extra would be enough to beat the target score.

With 36200 points, we are a few points short. Choosing the 10% now would mean ending up with 36200×1.1 = 39820 points and thus loose the game.

Let’s click one of the question marks and hope for the x2 or 5000, both would be enough to win.

Yayyy….It is X2.

This is the fun part of Flash.
The game looked lost, but we won. Our score is multiplied by 2. We are a winner.

Now, that was it. I walked you through an entire game of X-Flash. The most important thing I hope I showed you is that you do not have to memorize numbers, just write them down. Per game it are only 3 numbers, the multipliers and the treasure chest. That is all. In exchange you get an exciting game with an amazing scoring, all the way till the end all options remain open, win or loose. The right match at the right moment can do a lot of good. If all seems hopeless, perhaps the X2 in the bonus round can still save you.

Play wise, don’t miss numbers and don’t spoil a sure win by not choosing the 10% in the bonus round. Do that, and the Flash outperforms the devil.

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