How to play Witchcraft

Mix potions, as a real witch, but do so effective and smart. Play Witchcraft.

You start the game with 66 moves and zero points. Score points by mixing potions, you win when you beat the target score shown on the game machine.

You have 66 moves, because 666 would be too much and 69 perhaps more something for another game. Use your moves wisely. Mixing potions isn’t very hard. Your challange is to mix the right ones and to do so effectivly.

Witchcraft game machine
You start a game by paying the game machine. Unless it is a freeplay game, then touch the game machine and choose play in the menu that will pop up.

The game starts with giving you 4 assignments on the assigment scroll. You also see a time indicator in the form of green dots. You have 30 seconds to make a move. Do make a move on time, or the game will end, and you will loose all your remaining moves.

Every move you can select one connector from the connector bar (below the playboard) by clicking it, and then place it on an empty spot on the play board (by clicking it).

How it works…

Let’s play a game and see what is happening. The rules of the game are pretty straightforward, but I’ll explain here in detail. Because, well, because that’s where manuals are for.

I start the game by paying it.
Witchcraft at the start of the game
After I pay it the game machine looks as above.

Left side of the game machine The left side of the game machine shows that I paid L$10. My target is to beat a score of 59,999 in order to win twice that amount, being L$20. My score up to now is 0. (Of course it is, I just started the game and didn’t do nothing yet.)

Please note that the target score of 59,999 for winning 2x my buy in was already visible before I paid the game. When you are new to a game, best get used used to it at at cheap game or a freeplay gme with a low target score. The prizes you can win will also be low, but you are better off getting used at the easy and cheap games , leaving the others till when you get more experienced.

At the top of the right side of the game you see we have 66 moves left and that the the multiplier is x1.

Multiplier? All score will be multiplied by the multiplier. It is now 1, during the game there will be assignments to mix potions in order to change it in 2, or 3.

You also see the assignment scroll. The scroll you see here can be read as:
* Mix a potion of green and blue to receive a 10% reward over your score
* Mix a potion of blue and purple to receive 10 extra moves
* Mix a potion of green and purple to receive a 10% reward over your score
* Mix a potion of pink and pink to receive a 7% reward over your score

As soon as I mix a potion mentioned on the assignment scroll, I will get the reward and the assignment will be replaced by a new one. I can choose which assignments to work on and which to ignore (for the time being).

Also the connectors (explained a bit further on) used for mixing the potion will be removed from the play board.

There are 5 different potions. This means that there are 15 possible combinations. You get the assignments in a random order but once all 15 are given, they will re-appear in the same order as before. The same mechanism applies to the 30 different rewards. So, a reward that hasn’t been given yet will come, the more potions already mixed, the more likely it will come soon.

Right side of the game machine
Midle part of the game machine We’ll have to mix the potions at the middle part of the game machine. You see the 5 different potions, at each side of the board. They are shuffled, shown in a random order. When you have to make a certain mix, e.g. blue/green it doesn’t matter which of the blue or which of the green potions you use. (So for each mix there are 16 possible combinations)

The green dots at the left side show the avaiable time. I must make a move every 30 seconds or else…game over.

The play board looks very empty now, but soon I’ll start placing connectors. The moment I make a mix that is on the assignment scroll, the connectors used for that mix will be removed again, emptying space at the play board. I have to make sure there is always space to place new connectors, or else…game over

Let’s start playing. I want to mix the blue/purple potion, the one that gives 10 extra moves. We’ll learn later why that is a good choice, and we see below why it is an easy choice.

First step is selecting a connector
I select one of the 4 connectors shown below the play board (we call that area of 4 connectors the connector bar). I select it by clicking it and then it highlights. I can still change my selection, selecting another one. But no need to do that, I selected the one I need.

Now I can place it on the play board by clicking an empty tile on the board. It will be placed on the tile I click, and there I cannot change my selection.

Placed my first connector

I click on the tile where I want to place the selected connecter. As you see on the image above, the connector will be moved to that tile on the board.

Several other things happen as well. The red arrows in the image above show you them:
* I gain 5 points. Each connector placed on the play board gives 5 points. (Multiplied with the multiplier)
* The number of moves left is decreased by 1. I made a move, so I have one less to go.
* A new connector is generated at the connector bar.

The new connector generated will be always a different connector than the one placed. There are 6 different connectors – horizontal, vertical and 4 different corners – so it will be one of the other 5. Horizontal and vertical connectors appear a bit more frequent than the corners. (21.5% vs 14.3% for those who want to know this exactly).

Ok, the above is perhaps a bit too much detail. But it is how we tick at LZ games, all info is shared with the players.

Let’s go on to our next move.
Selecting a new connector
I select the next connector I want to use.

Mixing a potion
And put it on it’s place.

Now I did mix a potion. The blue and the purple potion are connected.

Mixing a potion
The game responds with:
* Giving me 5 points for placing a connector.
* Generating a new connector at the connector bar.
* Removing the connectors used to make this potion from the board.
* Giving me the reward for mixing this potion: 10 Extra moves.
* Reducing the number of available moves by 1.
* Generating a new assignment on the assignment bar.

A nice choice would be to start working on the pink/pink mix. We can make this mix at the top left side of the board, using 2 connectors that we have already available. It will only give 7%, but it is a good thing to not go for the higher percentages while only having so few points to get a percentage over yet.

After making this mix too, a new reward will be shown at the assignment scroll. Perhaps this time it is not a percentage but something more usefull in the beginning ot the game: A fixed score reward or even better, the king of all rewards: The x3 multiplier.

The various rewards The rewards
Every time an assignment is given, it has a reward attached to it. You see here an overview of all rewards available.

Rewards appear in a random order but a reward will only appear again once all rewards have appeared. When appearing again they will appear in the same order as before.

As you see there are various sorts of rewards:
* Rewards giving a percentage over the score already reached.
* Rewards giving a certain amount of points.
* Rewards changing the multiplier.
* A reward clearing all connectors from the board.
* Rewards giving extra moves.
* Rewards changing all connectors on the connector bar.

It is important to gain rewards in a beneficial order. Although you don’t have any influence on the order in which rewards appear, you do know all rewards will appear and you do have an influence on the order in which you mix the potions and gain the rewards. In general, getting a high multiplier as soon as possible is a good strategy as it is to go for points in the beginning and for percentages later on.

You can weight this against the desire to use as little moves as possible mixing a potion and against the connectors available at your connector bar.

Skill game
Witchcraft is a skill game. Amongst other things, this means that each Witchcraft game on the grid is the same and that there is nothing that can influence your score. The random elements in the game are pure random, also the owner of the game has no influence on them. The only influence the owner has on the outcome of the game is in setting the target score you need to beat in order to win.

This target score is clearly visibile on the game machine. It is already visible before you start playing.


We wrote this page with caution, verified the details, etc.. Still it is purely informative. In case of an error or mistake, we apologize, but that’s all. You cannot claim any rights on the text above.

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