How to play Spin2Pot

Spin2Pot is a number matching skill game, released by LVW Systems. We offer Spin2Pot at Game Station and at Cleopatra games.

It is a fun game and not very hard to play. However, knowing the tricks and details will help you a lot. So, read this manual. You will learn a few things that can be of great help.

LVW Systems does also provide a manual, you can get it as a notecard by clicking one of the game machines.

Spin2Pot @ Cleopatra games
A group of Spin2Pot games @ Cleopatra Games
A Spin2Pot game machine The game machine
Let’s have a look at the Spin2Pot game machine as shown here to the left.

At the top you see a wheel. Every time you get a line completed during the game, this wheel will spin, giving you a reward.

Below it, rather unreadable in this picture, you see a text above the machine. This text shows what you can win and what the game costs. Since it is a bit unhandy we repeat that info at the black sign at the floor, in front of the machine.

Below that, the pot. It is now, L$2.8. Every game the pot grows, until someone wins it. Then it will start again at a configured default.

On top of the game machine you see a bar related to the bonus round. The last player scored 1%, 1%, 5% and 50%. Below that the current score and the round number. The last player scored 19761 in a game lasting 8 rounds.

Below that the play board and the spinner.

Finally, at the bottom a sign that is not a part of the original game. We put this sign in front of the game. It clearly displays the pay in prices, the target score and the multiplier. So you know what a game costs, what score you need and what you will win without having to zoom on the floating text.

Playing it
I pay this game L$10 in order to start playing.
On the topside of the game we see the bonus bar emptied, a score of 0 and round number 1. We started playing, we are in the first round.

Below is a board with numbers. The left column showing 3 numbers in the range 1..10, the middle 3 numbers in the range 11..20 and the right one 3 numbers in the range 21..30.

And below the play board is a spinner, giving us the possible matches we can play on the play board.

This spinner shows a 3, a green wild and a yellow get it.

The green wild is fun, it can be played anywhere on the board. But, it will be played as first. So, be careful. It would be dumb of me to click the 3 now. That will match the 3 with the green wild. I better click something else, I choose 17. The middle tile is the only one that is on 2 diagonal lines, a horizontal line and a vertical line, so it is always good to have.

Afterwards I also play 3 and use the yellow get it to play 21. With that I complete my first line.

Matching a number gives 125 points, completing a line an additional 500 points.

Completing a line
Besides the 500 points awarded for completing a line, completing a line triggers 2 other events:
* The wheel will spin, giving an extra reward
* Each wheel spin also increases the pot. 1% of the amount I paid to the machine is added to the pot. In this example I paid L$10, so L$0.1 will be added.

Playing Spin2Pot
Made my matches After making my three matches, we see on the image I did get 3 times 125 points for making the matches, one time 500 points for making a line and an extra 50 points, gained with the wheel spin. Totalling up at 925 points.

The pot also increased by 0.1L$. That’s not much of course, but I am playing a L$10 game. Winning a pot is not the easiest thing in the world, and each game, each line made, money is added to the pot. Thus…pots can get pretty high.

We see that 2 of the 3 matched tiles do have a bonus. I did not earn that bonus already, I must collect it first. Each bonus gives you a shot at the bonus round at the end of the game. There are up to 4 bonusses available. When collecting all 4 bonusses, the player makes a chance on winning the pot.

Collecting bonusses and the bonus round will be explained further on in this manual.

Once I made all matches, I can click the spinner to move on to the next round. Each round lasts maximum 30 seconds, afterwards the game will move automatically to the next round anyways.

In the next round I got a 4 and a 27. Both cannot be matched, so these are pretty useless.

I also get a yellow Get it. In the previous round I used such a get it as a wild, I can do that this round again, matching either 15 or 20. But, I can also use it for something else, namely collecting the bonus.

This bonus will give a shot in the bonus round. I can gain up to 4 of them. Winning this game without a few shots in the bonus round is rather hard. So, I’ll be getting my first one.

The Get it symbol is the only symbol that can be used to collect a bonus. It can only collect bonusses in the same column as it is given.

I click the Bonus in the middle of the play board and thus collect my first bonus.

The second round already
Collected my first bonus After I click the bonus, it dissapears from the play board, instead I get an symbol with 3 arrows or something on it, on the bonus round bar at the topside of the game.

Bonus round symbol
this symbol

I can collect up to 4 of these during the game play. Each will give a shot during the bonus game.

That’s all there is this round. I didn’t score any points, got a first shot for the bonus round and click the spiner to move on to the next round.

3rd round In the third round I got only one match, number 10 in the most left column.

So, there is nothing else to do than clicking it, gaining 125 points for it, and go on to the next round. We do see another bonus appearing at the tile where the 10 was. That is nice, bonusses are good. Perhaps we can collect it in a next round.

3rd round
4th round Also the 4th round gives only a single match. This time I can choose, I can use the Get it to either collect the bonus or to match one of both still unmatched fields.

There might be situations when it is best not to go for the bonus, but match one of the numbers instead. This e.g. when it could bring your score towards the target score, or when the bonus is a bonus in points (we will see about that a bit further on).

In the situation given, taking the bonus is by far the best possible move.

4th round
5th round The 5th round gives 2 possible matches.

The 7 in the first column and a bonus in the second column. Ican choose where in the second column to play this bonus. 15 and 20 are available. I choose 15, because 15 will complete a horizontal line while 20 does not.

Our score goes rapidly up, with 2 number matches, 2 lines and thus also 2 spins of the wheel giving extra points.

We see something new after matching the numbers, the rewards that appear are no extra shots for the bonus rounds, but extra score. It is a coincidence that both are having the same value. If I later collect one of these, it will give 250 extra points.

5th round
6th round The 6th round. I only get one match…so, let’s match it.

Another 125 points for the match, 500 for the line that I complete, but then, a wheel spin which gives 2000 points plus a respin, the respin giving another 250 points. As a result, my score goes pretty nice in the direction I want it to go: up, and a bit fast!!

I started the round with 4725 points, only matched one number, and I end the round with 8100 points. Not bad.

6th round
7th round The 7th round. This round I can choose, using the Get it to gain another shot at the bonus round, or take 250 points with it.

This is hardly a choice, 250 points is way too little to seduce me not going for the bonus. So I’ll click the bonus, gain another shot later on in the bonus round, and go on to the next round.

7th round
8th round The 8th round. This round I get a symbol I did not get this game, the blue Hit symbol. With this symbol we can play any number in the same column.

My choices are easy this round: There are 2 columns with a match, but on both columns I do have only a single choice. So, I can play them without a lot of thinking. Collecting 250 points at the first column and matching a number on the second column.

Too bad I didn’t get a match on the 3rd column too. That would fill the entire board, giving an extra 2500 points.

It might seem unimportant but I choose to first collect the 250 points in the first column and then make the number match in the second column and not the other way around. The result is of course the same, but the number match in the second column will trigger 2 wheel spins. One of the results of the wheel spin could be x2, doubling my score. In such event the 250 points would also be doubled, because I selected them first. Otherwise not…

8th round
Bonus round - Prizes The 8th round was also the last round of the normal game. (Sometimes it can have more rounds when the player wins an extra round on the wheel). The bonus round begins.

You see a display of the rewards that can be won in the bonus round. It only stays visible for 15 seconds or so, so look careful.

One of the rewards is 3X, multiplying the score with 3. If I would win that, this game is won. (3x 10750 is more than the 29999 I need)

And if I don’t win 3X, this game is lost..because we have 3 shots this time, and 3 shots means I will end up with 3 rewards. The combination of the 3 best possible rewards without the 3X, being 2X, 25% and 5% is not enough to make the score I need.

The good news is: I know the trick to be 100% sure to take the best possible reward, with 3 shots. (And you will know that trick soon too, keep on reading…)

If I play this bonus round careful, I’ll win this game.

Bonus round - Locations After the display of rewards dissapear you see, again for 15 seconds or so, a display showing 4 purple tiles and 5 yellow tiles on the board. This is a hit: The purple tiles contain the highest reward and the 3 lowest rewards.

You should try to remember this pattern, as you use it in the next phase. I know some players go as far as using screen capture software for that, but that seems really overdone in my mind. You best try to remember the purple tiles, as that are only 4 and often they form some sort of easy to remember pattern. E.g. the left side + the bottom side – piece at the corner.

Please note that if I manage to get 2 rewards on the yellow tiles and 1 – namely the highest – on the purple tiles I maximize my score. Winning is more important than winning with a very high score, but for contests and other rewards, a nicely high score doesn’t harm either.

I already told this game can be a sure win, I go one step further: It can be a sure win with a rather high score, because I can win this with using 2 yellow tiles and one purple one. Read on…

1st shot - bonus round The bonus round starts, don’t hestitate too long, it is timed. I can click any of the tiles and will get the reward that is hidden below it.

After I click a tile I also get information showing how far that tile is away from the tile containing the highest (still available) reward. Since the board size is 3×3, this will always be 1 or 2. Two tiles can never be more than 2 steps away from each other on a 3×3 grid.

The tile I choose borders two of the tiles that can contain the highest reward, the other 2 tiles are 2 steps away. So, I have reduced the possible positions where the highest reward can be from 4 to 2.

  Eliminated 2 tiles
And that’s why you can always get the highest rewards when having 3 shots, there is always some spot that eliminates the 4 possibile tiles containing the highest reward to two.

1st shot - bonus round
2nd shot - bonus round Oh look…I got 2x. The best I could get on the yellow tiles. Knowing that 3x is still to come, we can already be sure I not only win this game, but I will do with a rather nice score.

For my second shot I prefer again a yellow tile, knowing the purple tiles do contain besides the highest reward, also the 3 lowest. Whatever I get on a yellow tile, it is better than any purple tile except 1. There is a yellow tile that would also give the information needed to reduce the number of tiles that could have the highest reward to 1.

I click that tile…It shows me the highest reward is 2 steps away from it. There is only one tile left that qualifies.

  Eliminated 3 tiles

2nd shot - bonus round
3rd shot - bonus round I got 2% this time. But I don’t care much, I now know where the 3x is.

So I click it.
And I did what I promised: Win this game, and do so with a high score.

Once I started playing the bonus round, I was already sure I would win. I was sure that no matter what, with 3 shots it is always possible to use the frist 2 to eliminate all possibilities and the 3rd to gain the highest reward.

Bummer :Sometimes there is also a 4x available in the bonus round. But sometimes 25% is the highest reward available. So, one cannot always count on the bonus round. Gaining a high score in the normal rounds is also very helpful to win as many games as possible.

3rdshot - bonus round

Winning the pot…

Winning the pot has nothing to do with winning the game. You can win the game without winning the pot, you can also win the pot without winning the game.

You can only win the pot when you got 4 shots at the bonus round. If you win each of the 4 shots the highest prize still available in the game, you’ll win the pot.

So, in our example game I would have had to get 3X, 2X, 25% and 5% in order to win the pot.
If you have 4 shots and get the 4 highest rewards in the correct order, you will win the pot.

Note that if you did take the highest reward the first shot, the arrow (it is green in that case, not red) will give information where might be the next highest reward, thus 1 or 2 steps away. You already know it will always be on a yellow tile. So all you can do is choosing a yellow tile with the given number of steps away and depend on luck doing the rest of the work.

Hint: When you go after the pot and it goes wrong the first click, you don’t have a chance winning the pot anymore, but you have still 3 shots to go. So you can still assure getting the highest reward.

Dots on the wheel Dots on the wheel
You might notice that when the wheel spins, not all possible outcomes have the same likelyhood. That’s true. If you look on the wheel you see some items having 3 dots and others 1 dot. The ones with 3 dots appear 2 times more likely than the ones with 1 dot.

There is not much what you can do with this info, when the wheel spins, you can only hope for the best, but to avoid amazeness about getting 50 points so often and 2x so little it might be good to know this is how the game works, and not a whole lot of bad luck.

Of course, if this dots did not exist, scores to beat would have been higher. So, it doesn’t matter.

1 dot: Bonus, 2K+Spin, 2X, Points, +1Round, 1K+Spin, Stop and ReSpin
3 dots: 50, 1000, 5000, 100, 25, 500, 2500 and 250 points.

One of the items on the wheel is stop. It does what the name says, the wheel stops spinning. When you match a tile in e.g. a corner of the play board it can complete up to 3 lines and in such case, give 3 spins. It would be a pitty if the result of the first spin is stop because you will loose the other spins.

When the wheel spins, you can keep on playing. Perhaps matching another tile, making more lines. If stop comes, then you would loose those spins too!! So you are better off waiting for the wheel to complete its spins and then make the next match.

2x does have an opposite effect. If you get 2x while already made those lines with a next match, you of course get 2x on more.

So, what is wise? Playing slow to reduce the effect of stop or playing fast to increase the effect of 2x??? The first is on the average a bit better. (The math: Both have a 1/23th chance of appearing, but getting stop means stop for all queued spins, so also reducing the chance on 2x)

You can do your advantage with this knowledge, but as you can imagine, the impact on the game outcome is often little.

Stop on the wheel
Playing Spin2Pot Diagonals
When you have a wild and can make a number match, don’t underestimate the importance of diagonals. Make your matches on a field that is also on a diagonal. Simply because each line gives points.

At the end of the game there might be a few numbers left, not matched. If e.g. only the number in the center is not matched, you didn’t get 4 line matches (both diagonals and a horizontal and vertical line), together good for 2000 points. If it is the number 1 tile below, you missed 1000 points less, because the diagonals are filled.

Be wise: Go for the diagonals. Remember that you play for a good score at the end of the game. It is about the fields remain unmatched at the end, not about when exactly during the game what field get matched. A game that ends with 3 or more unmatched fields is often lost anyways, concentrate not on a slightly higher score on the games you loose, concentrate on winning more games.

We wrote this page with caution, verified the details, etc.. Still it is purely informative. In case of an error or mistake, we apologize, but that’s all. You cannot claim any rights on the text above.

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