How to play Pico Line

Pico Line
Pico Line is about matching numbers and completing lines, a pattern or even the entire board. The more you complete, the more you earn. Unlike simular games there is no score involved in Pico Line, you win L$ every time you complete a line, the pattern or the entire board.

You can get once during the game a X2 multiplier. This doubles the earnings you made until the moment you got that X2. Getting it later in the game means there is more to double, not getting it at all means nothing will be doubled.

Let’s have a look at a Pico Line game machine. At the bottom left we see that this game costs L$10 to play. Above that a table specifying the winnings per line and for the full board and pattern.

Your winnings will be added to each other, so if you e.g. make 4 lines plus the pattern you win L$1 + L$2 + L$3 + L$4 + L$6 = L$16.

The sum of all price is L$122, but there is also a x2 multiplier. It is impossible to get the x2 multiplier after completing the entire board, so the maximum you can win on this particulary setting is (122-50)x2 + 50 = 194, almost 20 times the buy in price.

At the top of the right side we see that the previous player won L$9 in total. Since the game costs $10, he did end up with a loss of L$1. He might still make that back on the contests and rewards. We also see there are 0 rounds left (the previous game has finished) and that the game is available to be played.

Let’s pay the game L$10 and see what happens…

When paying I can choose between 4 different pay prices.

I choose to pay L$10 in this example, but of course when I whould have choosen a higher amount the prizes to win would be adjusted accordingly. When paying L$20, all prizes would be double.

At our sims all machines are configured in such way that there won’t be any roundings, the alternative amounts are in our places always a multiple of the base amount.

The game starts with an animation of red jokers going over the screen. When they are finished they leave already one or two tiles on the board matched. Always a good thing, as we need to match as many tiles as we can.

This time I only got one tile matched. When the tiles are matched, watch for the little blue arrow that might appear. This arrow is important as it gives info about where the X2 is hidden on the board.

Above the game board we see that we collected L$0 so far and the game has still 9 rounds to go.

Below the game board we see a spinner with the numbers 7, 22, 41, 51 and 68. Of these numbers I can only match 68, so I click the 68 on the main board. Afterwards I can click the spinner to go on to the next round.

The next round we see a new spinner.

The left most column gives the number 13 to match and the second column the number 21. Interesting is the 4th column, this gives a free spin. Free spin? Yes, free spin!! An extra round. As you see above the board we still have 9 rounds to go, that should have been 8 without the extra round.

The 5th column gives a wild: I can pick any of the numbers in that column.

Playing 13 and 21 first can give information on where the x2 might be hidden which I could use in determining on which tile I want to play that wild.

I click on the 13 on the board.

After I click the 13, and for only a very short moment, we see a little blue arrow pointing to the right.

This arrow tells us that the X2 is on one of the tiles right of the arrow, thus below the numbers 16, 40, 55 or 74. We still don’t know where the X2 is hidden but it is hidden at one of those 4 tiles. This is important to know, in order to maximize our earnings.

TIP: The blue arrow can point in horizontal, vertical or diagonal direction. When there is no blue arrow shown after matching a number it means the X2 is not on a tile where it would be possible to give a valid arrow. Thus, we are sure the X2 is not on any field that would have given a valid arrow. See the picture below, where this is illustrated: The X2 cannot be at the red lines.

The X2 cannot be on any of the numbers marked with a red line. The blue arrow learns us it has to be at 16,40,55 or 74. Thus, X2 has to be at the only remaining possible position: The tile with number 16.

Be aware : Unlike many other games the X2 doubles what you won until the moment you collect the X2. In most other games it doubles all what you will win after collecting the X2.

When matching the 21 we see this confirmed, the blue arrow points at the 16.

I won’t mention the blue arrows anymore during the rest of this text as they already did their work: Telling us that the x2 is at the tile with number 16.

I conclude this round with playing the wild. The best choices are 69 and 73, as these are on a diagonal. Each tile is always on a horizontal and a vertical line, but some tiles are also on a diagonal line, one tile (the one on the middle of the board) is on both diagonal lines. If there is no good reason to play a wild somewhere else, it is best played on a tile on a diagonal, so that it brings 3 lines one step closer to completion and not only 2 lines (horizontal and vertical).

Thus, I can pick either 69 or 73. I choose 69. (69 is a better choice because it has 3 tiles of the pattern on the horizontal line, thus it could be more likely I will play more wilds on that line further in the game)

The next round brings us 4 new matches to make: 1, 40, 59 and 73.

The board is big and it is easily to overlook a match. But besides that, there is nothing complicated about this round. I click each of the 4 numbers on the board and then click the spinner to go to the next round.

This round is no good..bweeehhhh….
No matches to make at all, in this round.

Not much else to do than clicking the spinner and go on to the next round.

This round brings a wild. I can play it on 3 different tiles: 36, 37 and 38.

38 wouldn’t be a bad choice as then it almost completes a horizontal line. However, we are still early in the game, so I choose number 37, without hesitation, it is on both diagonals and besides that does do good work on that horizontal line too.

So I click the 37 and again on the spinner to move to the next round.

Another round with no matches. It is part of the game, some rounds give a lot, others give nothing. Let’s just happily smiling click the spinner and see what the next round will bring.
Yayyy..we got a free spin: Another extra round. That’s always good.

We also have a wild to play.

Some might argue it doesn’t matter where to play that wild, either 74 or 67. But they are wrong, it does matter. 74 is the better choice. Simply because it is on a horizontal line with already 2 tiles matched. I might be able to fill that line this game, or not. But my chances to fill a line increase, over the long run I will fill more lines playing wise than when only hoping for the best and just take any of the tiles.

Here I could copy/paste the text of next round and replace the numbers 74, 67 and 2 with 38, 36 and 3. It is a very similar round. So, I click 38 and move on to the next round.
Bwheeeehhhh, nothing to match this round. I click the spinner to go on to the next round.
Time to make some cash. Playing 9 to make a horizontal line and 67 to make a vertical line. I can also match 58, that doesn’t make a line yet, but perhaps we’ll get 30 in a next round.
Our total winnings are no longer zero. We have L$3 by now, L$1 for the first line plus L$2 for the second line.

This round I play 12 and play the wild at 49. I did play the wild there but I could have better played it at 55. When getting 16 in the next round it will make a diagonal line with 49 or a horizontal line with 55. But when we get 29 in a next round, we get a diagonal line with 55 and nothing with 49.

I made a mistake. That could cost money. These things can happen, try to minimize it, e.g. by always first playing the numbers (where there is no choice) and then the wilds (so that the situation is already more visible)

Shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!
I forgot to match 12.
For no good reason, I didn’t play it, I overlooked it.
Shame on me.

I didn’t notice until writing this text.

I am not the best player on the grid, but these things happen, even to the best. Let’s concentrate on the next round.
This round gives not much to think about: I match 50 and 36 and cash another L$3 for making a line with it.

To avoid confusion: The total winning is paid at the end of the game, so don’t expect a payment every line you make but the money will come.

The last round is a simple one: I match 30 to get a horizontal line and 55 to get a vertical line.

After that the game is over and I won L$15.

We could not make use of the X2 multiplier this game, the number just never came up.
I also made one big mistake but that turned out to have no consequences at the end.

Green Joker
In the game I described above we didn’t get any green Joker. A green joker can be played anywhere on the board, but has to be played as the first match during the round.

So, in the example shown here, I would like to play the green joker at 6 and the red one at 54. I should not click 54 first, as then I play the green Joker at 54.

Keep also in consideration the time needed to think over your moves. Each round you have about 25 seconds, if you take longer the game will continue automatically to the next round.

That is all I have to tell about Pico Line. It is a fun game and easy to learn. Give it a try!!

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