How to play Magic Gems

A Magic Gems Game Machine Magic Gems

Magic Gems is a Skill Game. The goal is to reach enough points to beat the target score by sorting the gems on the board. Maximize your score by looking ahead, optimizing the impact of your actions.

You can pay the game machine to start playing, you will get 12 rounds. Each round you can choose one color of gem, by clicking one gem of that color. The gem you click will be removed, all gems above it will drop one row down. Now you can remove as many gems of this color as you like. Click the button Next when you are done.

After you click Next the game will remove the bottom row with gems and give you a score for it.
All empty spots on the board will be filled again with gems and you can go on playing the next round.

Each round you get a score, which will be added to your total score.
You will win in case you reached more points than the given target score. You have 12 rounds to do so.


At the right you see a picture of the score chart. It is rather straight forward.
5 the same gems at the bottom row gives 250 points.
4 the same gems gives 100 points.
3 the same plus 2 the same of a different color 50 points.
And so on.

Gem with multiplier
Some gems show a X2 sign. These are interesting, they double your score. When you have multiple of these signs on your row, it gets doubled multiple times.

E.g. you score 100 and have 3 X2 signs. Your score becomes 100x2x2x2=800.

Those X2 signs do not appear random when new gems are added to the board but do appear according to a simple rule: Every column (vertical) will have one X2 sign, if not then first (so appearing lowest on the board) gem added to that column will get a X2 sign.

As a consequence, there are always 5 X2 signs on the board, at the start of each round.

Magic Gems Score Chart


Revealed starting board
The board with gems you will play during a game is already revealed before you pay the game. This board will always have the gems rather mixed up and will always have the X2 signs at the same positions.

X2 signs
Every column has a X2 sign, at the starting of each round. If not, a X2 sign will be placed at the first (lowest) gem added to that column.

   Time limits
You must make a move (remove a gem or click the next button) once every 30 seconds. You will see a time indicator on the game. In case you fail to make a move in time the game will end the current round and go on to the next round.

Random added gems
The gems added to the board when starting a new round (thus replacing the removed gems) are chosen random. These will be picked out of the 6 different colors of gems. This picking of the gems is the only element of chance in the game.



Look ahead !! All gems on the board are moving down, at least one row a round, or more when you remove gems below them. It is your task to make sure they are nicely sorted when reaching the last row, while you want the x2 signs to move fast or be placed on low rows.

You can reach good results by not only looking at the lowest row but keeping an eye on all rows. Sometimes score a bit lower now, in order to complete a perfect line with several multipliers in a few rounds.

You choose which gem to remove in which round, you control where and when x2 signs are added. You are in control. Use that wisely.

We wrote this page with caution, verified the details, etc.. Still it is purely informative. In case of an error or mistake, we apologize, but that’s all. You cannot claim any rights on the text above.

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