How to play Lucky Rainbow

Lucky Rainbow is a Skill Game. It is a beautiful and fast game, collect shamrocks and pots of golds at the end of the rainbow in order to score as many points as you can.

Rewards are hidden, but you get magic dust to reveal them. You can use Magic Dust twice each game. This will show you the value for each pot and each shamrock. These values won’t change during the game, so you never have to play without knowing which reward is where.

The game is rather straight-forward and fun to play. In this manual we take you through the game, step by step.

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Lucky rainbow – How to Play
The “Lucky Rainbow – how to play” sign is placed near the games. It gives basic information on the game play.

As you see matching a number gives 150 points, completing a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line gives 1000 points and filling the entire board gives 5000 points.

The number in the center of the board is important. It is on both diagonals, a horizontal and a vertical line. So, without this number you can’t make 4 out of the total of 8 lines (3 horizontal, 3 vertical and 2 diagonal). The 4 numbers on the corner of the board are on 3 of the lines, the remaining 4 numbers on 2 of the lines. If there has to be a number left over at the end, it better is one of the last group.

In total you can score 9 x 150 + 8 x 1000 + 5000 = 14350 points on the board. If you make the entire board except one number you can score at best 8 x 150 + 6 x 1000 = 7200 points on the board. Rewards are important, without rewards you can’t make a nice score. The best rewards giving 25,000 points or X2. With the right rewards, scores way above 100,000 points are very possible.

Let’s play, see what happens. I pay a machine and immediatly after, the game starts. A board and a spinner are generated. I can start playing immediat after the payment.

On the top of the machine we see that I paid L$10, I can win L$20 and I need to beat a score of 30300 to win. I need to beat that score, so scoring 30300 would be not enough, with 30301 or more I win.

Below that we see that I have a score of 0 until now, I collected 0 shamrocks and this is round 1 (of in total 7 rounds).

And below that the playboard and spinner. The playboard shows 9 numbers, the spinner shows the possible matches.

I cannot match the 9 or 29 so I have one wild I can match. With the wild I can choose one of the numbers in the column above it. Normally 20 would be the best choice, it is the center field, so it sets the first step in completing 4 lines, where the other 2 options would only do that for 2 lines.

But I don’t play yet, instead I use the magic dust first. You can use the magic dust twice each game, by clicking the Magic Dust button. Suppose the Magic Dust tells me that a big fat reward waits under number 15, I might want to play 15 instead of 20.

This button.

The button activates Magic Dust for a few seconds, showing where the best shamrocks and pots of gold are.

You’ll only have a few seconds, so watch it very concentrated. Some people tell me they use their phone to quickly take a photo, or do things with the key combination ALT + PrtScreen and then paste the picture in paint, which they keep open next to their viewer. In this game I took a snapshot too, also because I needed the picture for this page.

Here are all the hidden bonusses, revealed by the magic dust. I have to study them shortly, cause in the game they stay on screen only a few seconds.

I see that in the 2nd column I can choose between 10K and 15%. At a target score of 30300, it is clear that 10K is the best choice.

How comes that that is so?. Because if I get this 10K bonus I need to collect another 20301 points elsewhere in order to win this game. If I get a 15% bonus I need to collect 26349 elsewhere in order to win this game. The 10K brings me more than 6000 points closer to victory.

What choice to make is not always this obvious. Another important aspect is that you use the clovers in the bonus round, where you can play them at a different tile than you collected them. Thus when there is e.g. a 50% reward on the clovers but you collected a 7% reward, you will still get the 50% in the bonus round by clicking the tile that had 50%.

Huh? If when playing the bonus round you still know where the highest percentages were, collect these.

After the Magic Dust works out we return to the normal play board, I play the wild by clicking the field of which I know now a 10k bonus is waiting me.

I get 150 points for matching the number but not yet the 10K bonus. Pots of golds and shamrocks are worthless unless collected. By revealing the 10K pot of gold, I make the way to collect it in a later round.

I played all I can this round. I click the spinner to move on to the next round.

The second round brings me something on each of the columns! At the left column I can match the number 10, at the right column the number 24 and in the middle column I have a wild.

Two fields are still available on the middle column. I can choose one of these two. I still remember from the magic dust that both fields have a 15% shamroch reward.

As far as the rewards are concerned, both fields are equal. Thus I choose the tile in the middle, number 20. The tile that is important to take as it is on both diagonals.

** Blushes ** Ok, I admit, I didn’t memorize the rewards shown by the magic dust. I took a snapshot.

Please note two things:
* Unlike some other games it is not important in which order I make this matches.
* Unlike some other games it is never wise to skip a number – purposely not playing it -. It is always best to play all your matches in Lucky Rainbow.

After making the 3 matches, the game looks like this.

I received 3 times 150 points for matching the numbers and another 1000 points for matching the line. This bringing my total score up to 1600.

I click the spinner, moving to the 3rd round.

The third round brings us the number 28 to collect, but also a pick.

With the pick I can select one of the rewards in the same column. So, either the shamrock that will give 15% or the pot of gold, giving 10k. I go for the pot of gold, as explained earlier on.

I click the number 28 and the pot of gold after which this round is done.

I begin the 4th round with a score of 11750, making rapid progress due to the 10K reward. This round I got 2 picks, the one in the left column is easy. I only have one choice, so I take that one.

I happen to still know due to the magic dust this will be a 15K reward.
I go for the 15%.

If I wouldn’t be sure anymore, or got confused about which reward is where, I still wouldn’t have a problem. Magic Dust can be used twice each game. So I could have just used it again.

I select the Pot of Gold in the left column, the shamrock in the right column and click the spinner to move on to the next round.

The 5th round starts with 26750 points. Perhaps less than expected as it does not include the 15% from the shamrock. This score I did not score yet. Instead of points I got a pick in the bonus round. However, I am already sure that if I play the bonus round correct I will get this 15%. I’ll explain later on when I am playing the bonus round.

Being sure to get 15% extra if I play correct, it is not a big chance on 15% extra, it is being sure getting 15% extra. So, I can already congratulate myself: 26750 x 115% = 30762. I only need 30300 to win this game, thus if I play this they way I should I am already looking at a guaranteed win. The only way I can still loose this game is by acting stupid and spoil the 15% bonus.

We see the number 1 appearing on the clover, where previous was a 0. This is the number of clovers I collected, thus the number of picks in the bonus round.

I this 5th round I don’t have a lot of playing to do. I only have the wild in the first column and I can choose between playing either 4 or 5. There are 3 good reasons for playing 4 and there is nothing to gain by playing 5 instead. So I play 4, which is is on a diagonal line, it completes that diagonal line and holds a 5K bonus where the 5 only holds a 1K bonus.

You know how it goes. I am standing there, playing a game while being all pretty and nice. Meanwhile I make recordings to write this page. Feeling rather cool about already having a sure win. Attention weakens…

For no good reason I played the 5 instead of the 4. Silly me! Mistakes happen. This one will cost me thousands of points, but on the other hand, the game was already a sure win. That is…if I pay attention in the bonus round.

The 6th round gives something to do on each column. Since I have only one reward to choose from in both the first and second column, and only one number to match in the third column, it requires zero thinking. I just do all that, and move on.

Please note: On some games it can be sometimes beneficial to not play a certain number in certain situations, in Lucky Rainbow this is not the case, when you have a match it is always beneficial to play it. The order in which you make your matches also does not matter.

I take my 2 rewards, match the number 25 in the 3rd column and click the spinner to go on to the 7th round.

In the 7th round I have a pick at the first column but no reward to pick. So, I can only play the wild in the second column. There I have only one spot to place it, so lemme just do that.

I have 30050 points. Playing the wild on number 19 will give me 150 points and will complete two lines (the top line horizontal and the middle vertical line) and thus add another 2000 points. I’ll have 32200 points, more than enough to win this game.

That’s great, but after the 6th round does come the bonus round. In the bonus round I will have the opportunity to further increase my score. It is just fun to get a high score but also often beneficial for contests and jackpots.

The bonus round. I collected 2 shamorocks, each shamrock gives a pick in the bonus round. So, I can pick 2 fields on the playboard, each will give me an extra percentage on top of my score.

I have a good snapshot memory, so I remember the Magic Dust telling me on 3 fields are 15% bonusses. I could pick one of the other fields, but the rules of the game determine that I will only get a very low bonus on these fields,1% to 3%.

I can click any of the fields I know will give 15%.

Be aware: This game I have 3 equal rewards I can pick in the bonus round, all 3 15%. This does not have to be the case, you could also have e.g. a reward of 5%, a reward of 25% and a reward of 50%. It is not relevant on which of the fields you collected the shamrock, if you collected it at the field where is the 5% reward but play it at the field where is the 50% reward, your reward will be 50%.

Thus you can always collect the highest possible rewards in the bonus round. In this example the first shamrock you collect is worth 50%, the second one 25% and the last one 5%. Take that into consideration: The position of the shamrock rewards is only relevant in the bonus round. If you collect a shamrock you always can take the highest possible reward!!

After collecting the two rewards, the game is finished.

My final score is 32200 x 115% x 115% = 42584. I won this game.

It looks like an entire story, but although I am usually a rather slow player I needed less than 2 minutes to play this game. Lucky Rainbow is a fast game.

Occasionally you can collect tropy rewards. The tropy pot of gold needs to be collected in the normal rounds, the tropy shamrock in the bonus round.

These awards give no points but do pay cash (assuming the owner uses a trophy reward board, at our sims we do). You win an extra prize! Each game that is played we add money to the pots, the player collecting the corresponding trophy will win that pot.

You could win a lot extra with a trophy reward, or a little if someone before you just won it too. Keep an eye on these boards!

Describing a game always end in a long story. We want you to know all details. Lucky Rainbow is an easy to play game, it is fast to learn. Play a few games, you will get the drill. As always, when playing a new game, perhaps better stick to the games with a low buy in price until you got used to the game!

Have fun with Lucky Rainbow.

We wrote this page with caution, verified the details, etc.. Still it is purely informative. In case of an error or mistake, we apologize, but that’s all. You cannot claim any rights on the text above.

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