How to play Fire

Fire is a fun and easy to play game offering multiple ways to win.

  • Win the game by beating the target score.
  • Win the pot. Every game played the pot can increase, until someone wins it.
  • Win a free game.

You can win more than one of these prizes in a single game.

No…no…no…Don’t worry. This is not something complex…
Fire has simple rules. Very simple rules.
Fire is easy to play. Very easy.
Games go fast.

Let’s play
We start the game machine by paying it. We see a new board being generated, with above and to the right a reward bar, and a spinner containing numbers and symbols to match. The rewards on the reward bar are all greyed out. We’ll have to activate them in order to collect them.

Let’s get to that a bit later on. First have a look at the spinner. We can match the number 4 and have two wilds, a green wild and a blue wild. The green wild can be used to match any number on the board, the blue wild to match any number in the same column.

Thus we could e.g. match the numbers 4, 21 and 35 in order to work on completing the diagonal. That would after this round only needs 1 match more to be completed.

For each match we make we get points, 50 points for a blue tile and 100 points for a golden tile.
When we match all tiles on a line (either horizontal, vertical or diagonal) we get an extra 500 points.
Matching all tiles on the gold pattern gives an extra 2000 points.
Matching all tiles on the board gives an extra 5000 points.

X2 : Double scores
Somewhere on the board is a X2 multiplier hidden. Find it, match it, and you will make double scores while matching tiles, lines, the pattern and/or the board.

When the game starts you cannot know where the X2 is hidden. It can be under any of the 16 tiles. But you will get help, every tile you match will give you a hint about where the X2 is.

You see the red arrow in this example pointing towards the tiles with the numbers 10 and 16. This means that one of those 2 will hold the X2. These red arrows can point up, down, left, right or in a diagonal direction. When the game cannot display an arrow because the X2 is not on a tile where any of these arrows point at, a yellow star is shown.

Look at the example again: The yellow star would have been a red arrow pointing up when the X2 would be at the tile with number 16. Since it is a yellow star and not a red arrow pointing up, it is clear the X2 cannot be at the tile with number 16.

Hence, the red arrow tells us the X2 has to be at 10 or 16 and the yellow star tells us it can’t be at 16, it must be at 10.

The player can use his green wild to match 10, and it will reveal the X2 multiplier, doubling the scores for all his matches from now on.

When playing a game of fire is getting pretty clear where the X2 is after 1, 2 or maximum 3 matches the position can be known. Getting the X2 revealed as early in the game as possible is of course very beneficial. All board scores made after revealing the x2 will be doubled.

Activating rewards
All the rewards you see above and to the right of the board are useless until the moment you activate them. Only after you activate it, a reward can be collected.

You activate rewards by completing lines.

  • Complete a vertical line to activate the reward above that line.
  • Complete a horizontal line to activate the reward right from that line.
  • Complete a diagonal line to activate on each reward bar the first reward.

When a reward that should be activated is already activated the first available reward on the same reward bar will be activated, in the order left to right or top to bottom.

Completing a line always activates a reward, unless all rewards on the bar are activated.

Because the diagonals work left to right and up to down, the first rewards of a reward bar are easier to activate than the last ones.
Completing diagonals is often a wise part of a strategy: It activates 2 rewards.

Collecting rewards
Earlier on we saw already the blue wild which allows you to match a tile of your choice in the same column and the green wild which allows you to match a tile anywhere on the board. There is one more wild, the collect any wild.

This collect any wild can be used on two ways, and you can choose how you use it:
– As a blue wild
– To collect a reward that is activated.

You collect an activated reward by clicking on it.

Use this collect any wild wise. You don’t know how many you will get of them during your game.

The Pot
Besides winning the game you can also win a pot playing fire. The pot is displayed on the game machine. This is the amount you will get when you win the pot.

You win the pot by collecting all rewards op the top reward bar, in the order left to right. Thus the first reward you collect on that bar has to be the most left one, then the second from the left, and so on.

Every time a player completes the gold pattern on the game board, the game increases the pot with 5% of the costs of the game. Thus if you paid the game L$100, the pot will increase with L$5.

The pot will always be higher than the lowest buy in price of the game. So if a game has 4 prices of e.g. L$100, L$200,L$300 and L$400, the pot will never be lower than L$101, but often of course much higher. When someone wins the pot, the next pot will be set at half the pot that was just won (unless that is lower than the minimum).


Hint: Even if your game is lost, you can still try to complete the gold pattern. That will give a nice increase to the pot, which you might win next game.

Free game
The same as you can win the pot with collecting all rewards on the top reward bar in the order left to right, you can win a free game collecting all rewards on the right reward bar, in the order top to bottom.

After winning the free game, the current game you are playing will continue until it is finished. The free game will start immediately after the current game.

You can both win the game and a free game, or win the game and the pot, or even all 3 of them in the same game. Although accomplishing the last might be harsh.

Here you see all the different rewards the game has.

Percentages (and double) add a percentage over (or doubles) the score as it is at the moment you collect these rewards. As a consequence, these rewards get more valuable near the end of the game.

The All wild reward changes the spinner in 4 blue wilds. You can make a match in each column. Handy, but collect it after playing all other matches you have on the spinner, as otherwise you will loose these!

Things that are nice to know..

  • The spinner is generated at random. Every possible symbol on every column is generated with the same chance, except the 2 rules mentioned here below. Thus it doesn’t matter how many collects or wilds you got in the previous rounds, the chances are still the same in the next round.
  • Each symbol on the spinner will contain a different value than it did previous round. You won’t get the same value twice in a row on the same spot of the spinner.
  • Each wild will most likely appear several times during a game but each of the 3 wilds is guaranteed to appear at least once during a game.

Freeplay games
Freeplay games are slightly different than the the paid games. This for no other reason than that winning a free game is rather dull on a freeplay game and that adding 5% of zero to a pot won’t give much of a pot.

Thus instead of 5% of L$0, the freeplay games add 5% of L$1 to the pot and if you win a free game, you won’t get a free game as you already have them as much as you want on freeplay but you will win L$1 instead.

Have fun

Fire is a fast game, fun and easy to learn. Give it a try!

We wrote this page with caution, verified the details, etc.. Still it is purely informative. In case of an error or mistake, we apologize, but that’s all. You cannot claim any rights on the text above.

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