How to play Deal Classic S

A deal classic game machine
A Deal classic machine
Deal Classic S, that machine with all the question marks. The game has a bit a mysterious look when at rest, but as soon as you start playing it turns out to be the king of the line and number matching games, ending with an exciting bonus round you’ll learn to love and hate at the same time.

Deal Classic is the longest existing game machine still available in Second Life, after being gone for a while it came back early 2018, with the S version. S stands for skill. Yeah, remind that. Don’t leave all your skills at home.

Think a bit ahead when playing Deal Classic S and you’ll see your scores and wins go way up. Of course we are here to help you on the way.

Let’s have a look at the game machine, at the top side of the machine we see all relevant numbers. Let’s work from the top down:

  • You need to score more than 23711 to win a prize, and that that prize is X2. This is a configuration set by the owner of the machine and can vary. Typically, how higher the multiplier, X2, X3, and so on, how higher the score needed.
  • The pay in price. In this case L$10. Most game machines have 4 different pay in prices, leaving the choice to you. When you win you will win this amount multiplied by the multiplier.
  • The score reached. During game play, the score reached until now, after the game is finished: The final score. We see here a score of 41100. This score is higher than 23711, thus this game is won.
  • The current round. Deal Classic S has 12 rounds plus one bonus round, thus the game ended after the 13th (bonus) round.

Below all that you see the play board, a lot of red question marks, but it will come to live after we pay the game and start playing.

After I payed the game we see a play board generated: 4 rows of each 4 fields containing numbers and below a spinner, showing the numbers (and symbols) drawn this round. We see the score being 0, and we are at round number 1.

The row of numbers below the board – in a little bit darker color – is the spinner. This round the spinner isn’t giving much good, only one potential number to match, number 19. You see it, where I put a red arrow pointing at it.

In order to make a match, I can click the tile containing 19 on the play board. It will give 250 points, that is the number of points given for a tile match. After done that, I click on the spinner in order to move to the next round.

I know, I know…that wasn’t too exciting. It could have been worse as there are also round with no matches at all, and it could have been a spinner with a banker and wilds and such…but hang on, we just got started, there will be more.

The game is running

All spinner symbols
Besides numbers, special symbols can occur on the spinner.

  • Wild – This can be played anywhere on the same column. You can pick any of the unplayed numbers on that column and play the wild there. It sounds logical, but – as we will see later on, is worth to mention- that the wild is useless when all numbers on the same column are already played.
  • Super Wild – This can be played anywhere on the board. You can pick any of the unplayed numbers and play the super wild there.
  • Banker – This can be played anywhere on the board, just as a super wild but you will gain only 20% of the score you would have gotten otherwise.

    If you match a number (250) points and due to that number match, you will also match 2 lines (1000 points each) you won’t get 2250 points but only 450! That worse than you think as the game only has 8 lines (4 horizontal, 4 vertical and 2 diagonal) and thus you lost the chance for making that points later on. Bankers are best played at tiles that don’t make a line or in other cases: Not played at all.

  • Lady – As the banker and the super wild, also the lady can be played anywhere on the board. The lady comes with a nice extra, she gives 150% of the score you would have made otherwise.

    Make the same match as in the example given above, and for your number and two lines you won’t receive only 2250 points, but 50% extra, making it 3375 points! Not to mention what would happen if you would also complete the entire board in that move, the 5000 points for completing the board would be 7500 points!

The lady is a good thing, the banker is bad. For a long time I assumed the creator of the game did not really like people who work in the financial sector, but it turns out this banker symbolizes the banker in a casino. On some casino games money sometimes goes to the bank, an event the players don’t like. Here it is the same, the banker is not to be liked. The lady is to be loved.


Match a number 250 points
Match a line 1000 points
Match the entire board 5000 points

With only 16 numbers, 10 lines and 1 board, it is wise to make sure you never miss a number. Deal Classic S is a true number matching game, don’t overlook a match. Never.

Ah, well…if you do. Hope on luck, or the lady, and promise yourself not to miss a number again.

The Bonus Round
A game of Deal Classic S lasts for 12 rounds, after which you get to play the bonus round.

Now you see all those question marks again. You have to pick 3 of those tiles with a question mark. Once picked the tile will show a bonus, you will get the bonus shown on the last tile you pick.

Three rules apply, make sure you know them:

  • 1. You have to make 3 picks, if you only make one or two, you won’t get a bonus at all.
  • 2. You can pick the same tile multiple times. If you e.g. already get the 4x bonus in the first pick, click that tile 2 more times and you will get the 4X bonus.
  • 3. When picking a tile you will see an arrow, either pointing to the left, to the right or pointing both up and down.

An arrow pointing to the left indicates that the 4X is on a column left of this column.
An arrow pointing to the right indicates it is on a column right of this column.
An arrow pointing up and down indicates it is on the same column.

Deal Classic Bonus Round

Bonus Round – Arrow

Bonus Round – Bonus
We click one of the tiles on the board and see shortly a red arrow pointing to the right. Afterwards we see the bonus we selected, in this case a 2% bonus.

The red arrow points to the right, this means that the 4X bonus is in one from the columns at the right. So, it is either in the 3rd or 4th column and thus not in the 1st or 2nd column.

That’s all the red arrow says, in which column the 4X is, so it doesn’t give information on where in these two columns.

The most logical thing to do is to make the next pick in one of these both columns. In this case with only a score of 6000 we need the 4X to win, but also in other cases: You know nothing about the first 2 columns and you also know nothing about the second two columns except that you know for sure that one of the bonusses is the 4X.

==>>> There is 1 4X bonus, 1 3X bonus, 1 2X bonus and 1 bonus that halves your score (eek!). The rest is all 2%, 5% or 10%.

Important – Choose wise, win more!!

We made our fist pick on the second column. The third column would be an equally good choice, the first and last column would have been a worse choice. By making a pick on the second column: In 50% of the cases – the X4 being in the first or second column – I know after the first pick in which column the 4 Xis. In the other 50% of the cases I know in which 2 columns it is. Compare this to making a pick on the first column: In 25% of the cases I know in which column the 4X is, in 75% of the cases I know in which 3 columns it is.

Always choosing the second or third column for the first pick will give you a strong advantage! You will end up picking the 4X much more often.

Bonus Round – Arrow

Bonus Round – Bonus
Let’s do our second pick. If we do it anyhow smart it has to be in the 3rd or 4th column. I choose the 3rd one. This gives the green arrow, now we know that the 4X bonus is in this column. We do get a 2% bonus again, so we don’t have it yet.

Still one pick to go, and we know the 4X is hidden under one of the 4 remaining question marks in the 3rd column.

Let’s pick one and hope for the best!

Got the 4X and won the game
I like stories with a happy ending, and this is one of them. With the last pick we found the 4X. That is the bonus we will get, our score multiplied by 4.

Although we came to the bonus round with only a rather low score, finding the 4X was enough and this game was won. The money won, in this case twice the money we paid to the game is sent to us instantly.


In this game, with a score of only 6000 on the main game, we needed the 4X in order to win the game. X4 is far from always needed. If our score on the main game would have been larger than the target score divided by 3, 3X would have been sufficient. Or larger than the target score X2, then 2X would have been sufficient. Why not calculate these numbers before you start playing and write them down, so you know what bonus is good enough. You happen to get that bonus already in the first 2 picks, you can click it again as the 3rd pick and you are sure that you win the game.

Being sure to win is always a lot better than not being sure but having a chance on a slightly higher score.
The possible bonuses you can get are 2%, 5%, 10%, 2X, 3X, 4X and “1/2”

For this game we would have to calculate:
23711 / 2 = 11886 => On a score above 11886, X2 is sufficient.
23711 / 3 = 7904 => On a score above 7904, X3 is sufficient.
23711 / 4 = 5928 => On a score above 5928, X4 is sufficient.

You can go a step further and also calculate when 10%, 5% and 2% are sufficient. (Divide the target score by respectively 1.1, 1.05 and 1.02)
It can be very handy to have this info written down next to you.

Back to the board game

With the information given above it is possible to play the bonus round perfectly. You know when you have to make a gamble, you know when better to play for safe and you know how to increase your chances on catching the 4X. You won’t always get what you hope for, but you can play on a way that maximizes your chances.

But what about the board game?
Below a list of considerations. Every point on the list seems little by itself, but it can help to raise your scores. Sometimes you have to weight the one against the other. Some of the points mentioned might be as kicking an open door, but all little things combined will lead to more wins.

  • Keep diagonals into consideration. Each number is on both a horizontal and a vertical line, but half the numbers is on a horizontal, vertical and diagonal line. When playing a wild (or super wild, banker, lady), and having no good reason to play it elsewhere, play it on a number that is on a diagonal. This increases your chances to make an extra line, which is always good.
  • A wild can only be played on a column, super wilds, bankers and ladies can be played anywhere. It can be wise to play these on a column where you still have the most numbers left, on such way you avoid the risk of having a situation in the next round where you get a wild on a column but cannot use it as all numbers on that column are already played.
  • A banker costs you potential to win, but playing a banker also increases the likelihood that you make lines or even the complete board afterwards. Playing it on a tile that does not complete a line only gives a very modest cost that you often make back.
  • You don’t know if and when the lady will come, but you can prepare yourself for her visit. Use wilds, super wilds and bankers to match lines except one number. In a perfect situation you have played a number free that gives 3 lines when matched. Now, if the lady comes: She can earn 50% over all 3 the line matches for you.
  • Be aware of the scores needed to win the game with a 2X, 3X or 4X in the bonus round. That can tell you when you should play risky and when you should play conservative. Is making the line now enough to move one step up, needing only 3X in the bonus round instead of 4 times, then do it. Otherwise perhaps play your wild elsewhere and wait for the lady.
  • You won’t often end the game playing the entire board full. You could try to have the remaining numbers as much as possible on the same row or the same column (but not a diagonal). That way you still made as much lines as possible.
  • Don’t bother too much about completing lines in the beginning at the game. The game will end bad anyways if you won’t get enough matches and it will end good if you get a lot of matches. You try to manage your chances for all situations in between. It is not important in what round you make your score, it is important that you make it. Play wise and you make on the average more points then when going for the fast hits.

That’s all I have to say about Deal Classic S. It is a good game, demanding from you that you use your wilds smart, but not more than that. Playing the bonus round perfectly can be learned in only a few trials. Only knowing what bonus you need with what score is essential, you could have already written that down before you even started to play. Do it!

Have fun playing Deal Classic S.

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