How to play Crazy Animals

Crazy Animals

Crazy Animals is fast, it is fun and it is easy to learn. The goal of the game is to score points while having animals running towards the finish line. You need to score enough points to win the game, be aware that this is something different than saving all your animals or than using all your fast moves.

After you pay the game you select one animal, it doesn’t matter which one, to be your chosen animal. Special rules apply for this animal:
– All points it scores count double.
– When it reaches back the game is over immediatly, when it reaches the finish in a certain round, that round will be the last one. You will loose any remaining round. Animals other than the chosen animbal can reach back or the finish without loosing rounds!!

It doesn’t matter which animal you choose. No animal has special powers or any other advantage above other animals. It can be wise to always choose the same animal. I always choose the bunny (the one on top of the board). This way it is always the same animal for me and I can never get confused and I reduce the possibility that I drop the wrong animal by mistake on back and thus loose the game.

The game has 10 rounds. In each round you’ll be shown 5 possible moves. You have to select 3 of those moves.

Each column is connected to a number of points, starting with 0 in the first column, then 4 times 500 points, then 1000 and so on. You see the points written below the playboard. Reaching the finish gives 25,000 points. When an animal moves over or lands on a tile you earn the corresponding points. You won’t get any points for a move on which the animal lands on back, also not when it first goes over another tile.

Animals (others than the choseon one) reaching back can also be an advantage. These animals dissapear from the game and thus will also no longer be shown at the possible moves. So, you have a big chance reaching further with the remaining animals.

Animals reaching finish will besides giving a lot of points also dissapear from the game. That is always an advantage, you scored with that animal all you could score.

Let’s walk through an example, showing the game step-by-step. After you played the game a few times you’ll get it, it is all very straightforward.

I right-click the game and pay it (at a freeplay game, click it and choose the Play button), after which the game starts. The game starts with a score of zero.

At the left side, the list with animals starts flashing. I can choose which animal will be the chosen animal.

For the only reason to make things easy for myself I always choose the animal on top, the bunny. That way I am never confused which animal was again the chosen one. You can choose a different animal, it doesn’t matter.

I click the bunny.

After selecting the bunny as chosen animal we see that the bunny holds a x2 plate. The game shows this way that this is the chosen animal.

We also see the roll button changed, it now shows Roll 1. I will click the button, and with that the first round starts.

A group of 5 moves is shown on the spinner, I have to select 3 of them. The moves shown are:
– 1 step with the Elephant,
– 1 step with the Elephant,
– 2 steps with the Crocodile,
– 2 steps with the Crocodile,
– 2 steps with the Elephant.

The roll button is changed, it now shows select 3. I have to select 3 moves, no more, no less, after that I can go to the next round.

Clearly moves with 2 steps are preferable above moves with 1 step, but in case I would make any of the moves with 2 steps, the animal would hit back and will be out for the rest of the game. So, I move 1 step with the elephant, by clicking the square on the spiner the elephant will move and the square will turn red.

I’ve made my first move, this round. I still have 2 moves to go, as every round the player has to make 3 moves.

After this first move, I can use the move with 2 steps, moving the elephant over the back line. I make the move by clicking it on the spiner. By doing so, I also gain my first 500 points, the elephant is on a column that gives a score. The score for each column the animal passes or lands on is being added to the total score.

Please note I had to make first the move of one step and then the move of two steps in order to get the elephant over the back line. Changing the order of the move would have made the elephant hitting back.

The last move I do something you might not expect: I move the crocodile, with 2 steps, so it ends on back. I do this to create an advantage, from now on the crocodile won’t appear any more on the spiner, giving more chance for the other animals to appear.

I sacrofice the one extra step I could have made with the elephant.

This round is finished. I did select the 3 moves I needed, so Ican go on to the next round by clicking the button showing now Roll 2. I click that button.
The second round is giraffe time: By first selecting the move with 3 steps (that is the maximum you’ll get in this game) and then the two moves with each one step, I’ll move that giraffe way over the first back and will make in total 5 steps this round. Making as much steps as possible is a good thing, the game has only 3 rounds

Let me make this moves, keeping the correct order of moves in mind, so I won’t end on back.

After making my moves with the giraffe, I see the animal a lot further on the board, and I see my score has increased with 1500 points, because the giraffe passed 3 fields giving 500 points.

This round is over now, so I click the button to go to the 3rd round.

Of the 4 animals in the game, the lion is not important anymore. Each animal that reaches the finish collects 500 + 500 + 500 + 500 + 1K + 1K + 2K + 2K + 5K+ + 5K + 10K + 25K = 53,000 points. So, bunny + elephant + giraffe together are good for 212,000 points. I focus on that animals, I can still loose 50,500 points on the way in order to score 161,500 and win.

This round gives great moves, all for the animals I need.

I move the bunny one step, and then again two steps, and also move the giraffe 3 steps. In total I make 6 steps this rounds, one step less than I would have made moving the elephant 3 steps instead of the bunny 2 steps. However, now neither of them is near to a back, so I risk less having to sacrifice one of them during the next round.

Scoring goes slow in the first round, that is normal, most points are made near the end of the game. With 4,500 points, we go on to the 4th round.

It is immediat clear what to move: 2x bunny , 3x giraffe and 1x elephant. I will make 6 steps, and I need steps. Bringing 3 animals to the finish, each having to make 16 steps means we need (3×16)/10 = 4.8 steps per round. Going fast is a great thing.
This is how the game looks at the end of this 4th round. I click the roll button to move on, to the 5th round.

This round is less joyfull. If I do the double move with the bunny, it ends on back, and since the bunny is the chosen animal, this would indicate that the game is over.

The only sensible thing to do this round is to move the elephant one step and then 2 times one step with the lion. The lion will hit back, and thus be no longer in the game. Glad I didn’t sacrifce that lion earlier in the game!!

Since it is the only option, I click the elephant, lion, lion on the spiner, and then go on to the 6th round.

It is clear what to do in the 6th round, move the bunny first one step, then 2 steps and while doing so, getting it over the back, and then move the giraffe 2 steps. This way I make the maximum of 5 steps I can get out of this, and I put the bunny at a better position.
The board looks like this at the end of the 6th round. Mainly due to the girafe I collected already 25,500 points, the bunny sits at a good position and perhaps I can finish the giraffe soon.

There are enough horible combinations that I could get in the next rounds which would make the game difficult or impossible to win, but there are also enough combinations that could lead to a victory. Let’s click the roll button and see what next round will bring.

Ok, it is clear we will play the 3 steps move with the bunny and the 2 steps move with the bunny. Moving fast forward is important in this game. The third move should be with the giraffe and not with the bunny. Why?
– Because the giraffe will end in a position where it can reach the finish next roud with only a 2 steps move.
– Otherwise the bunny would reach that position and the bunny is the chosen animal. Moving it to the finish would mean the end of the game.
– The risk that we’ll have to sacrifise an animal next round is rather big. If it is the giraffe (due to this move it made 10k points extra) we can still win the game, if it is the chosen animal (bunny) the game is over.
At the end of the round, the board looks like this. It perhaps does not seem as a big deal if the bunny is one step ahead or the giraffe, but it is. All you do in this game is chosing moves, then make sure you choose the right ones! Your aim is not to get rather nice scores, most of the time. Your aim is to win, and choises as this one often make the difference between a win and an almost-win.

Let’s get on to the next round.

Elephants, and only elephants. We can only do one thing that makes sense, move first the elephant with one step, then move it with 2 steps, over the back, and then move it again with one step.

It is not bad we do get a few elephants moves. A bit slow perhaps, in total only 5 steps. But hey, let’s just do it. It is our only option.

After making these moves I click the roll button to go to the next round. The 9th round already, out of 10.

The 9th round does not demand much from our brains. We don’t have much choice, move the giraffe to the finish using the move with 2 steps and move the elephant one step further.

And as a third move? Just take the giraffe again, one can select moves for animals that are back or finished. Remember that, this can also come at hand when an animal is sent back and in your next move you either need to send another back, or just make a move with the animal already sent back, once again.

So, we do the only sensible thing here: 2x giraffe, 1x elephant, 1x giraffe.

On the edge of the last round, the board looks like shown. Please note that:
* I will win the game if I manage to move the bunny to the finish. This gives 10k + 25k points, multiplied by 2 = 70k. Adding that to the 95Kwe already have, gives 165K, which is enough to win.
* I will also win the game if the Elephant reaches the finish (+47K points) and the bunny makes one step further (+20k), combined with the 95K we already have, that gives 162K, which is also enough.

Let’s roll to see what round 10 brings.

Great! I get the bunny moves I need, I move 1 step with the bunny, then 2 steps and this game is won!

Afterwards I make one more move, moving the elephant 2 steps. After that, the game is finished, I won, so it will pay me. Yes!

We reached a final score of 172,000. Enough to win this one.

As you noticed this game is a game of skill. We would have not won this game if we didn’t pay proper attention to all our moves. We also did not do something amazingly difficult. I hope you use the knowledge from the turorial and practise a few games, on either freeplay or low cost machines. You will get the drill rather easy. You’ll make the right choices automatically, not sending animals back without you wanting them to go back, aiming to win instead of a smaller chance on a much higher score…knowing how much you need.

Skill game

Crazy Animals does require you to think while playing, but it isn’t mind blowing. With a little practice everyone can be an expert player. Ok, ok, ok…almost everyone.

Or, to quote Donald, “it is a great game. Realy great. Fantastic. You’ll love it. You will really love it.”

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