How to play 4Play Plus

4Play Plus games at game station
Some 4Play Plus game machines at Game Station
4Play Plus
4Play Plus is a great game, however we start with a warning: It is a rather complicated game. If you are rather new to this sort of games, better start with another game.

Having the above in mind and supposing you are wise enough to try out games that are new for you at a bit lower price ranges… playing 4Play Plus can be great fun. But keep your head at it, at all times. If not, you’ll loose.

Elements of the game machine
The game machine has various elements. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Target score You need to beat this score in order to win the game. Score any score above the target score to be a winner.

Round The game lasts 12 rounds. Round shows the number of the current round.

Score The current score. This can only increase during the game, never decrease.

Play board Once the game is started, this is where you play.

Spinner Once the game is started, this is where your numbers to match and smileys appear.

Multiplier This is what you will win, x times you buy in price. So, e.g. when you win the game and you paid it L$10, with a multiplier of 2, you will win L$20.

Buy in price The amount you have to pay to start a game. Note that the game can have up to 4 different buy in prices, only the lowest is shown here. You can choose a different amount when paying the game.

A 4Play Plus Game Machine
4Play Minesweeper game Mine sweeper
Let’s start a 4Play Plus game by paying the machine. The playboard changes, we see a mine sweeper game. We get already 3 tiles for free. The goal of the game is clicking as many tiles that have no bomb on it. When we click a tile that has a bomb the mine sweeper part of the game is finished.

With each tile you click, that does not contain a bomb, you earn a wild. These wilds you will need in the second phase of the game.

As we already got 3 tiles at the start, we see near the bottom of the game that we have 3 wilds collected and there are 7 remaining (from the total of 10 wilds).

The numbers shown in the revealed tiles are the number of bombs in the tiles that are next to the tile showing the number.

So, e.g. due to the tile showing a 1 we know that 1 of the tiles bordering this tile contains a bomb, and only 1. I marked these tiles with a red star in the image below.
        Tiles in mine sweeper

Let’s pick an empty tile, click it and see what happens.

I clicked the tile in the lower right corner. It shows that it has 0 bombs on the bordering tiles.

Because that makes it a sure fact that the tile above it can be clicked safe, this one gets also revealed. It again has 0 bombs bordering it, so also the tile above that one gets revealed.

It goes pretty good, we have already 7 wilds. Three left to go.
This also indicates that the remaining 9 empty tiles contain 6 bombs.

Puzzling with all the info we have, we find 4 tiles on the board that surely contain a bomb, 3 tiles of which 1 contains a bomb and 2 other tiles of which one contains a bomb.
You can find all 4 of which it is 100% sure they contain a bomb? If not puzzle till you can!! Getting good at mine sweeper is pretty essential for getting good at 4Play Plus.

It seems wise to go for one of the 3 tiles of which only 1 contains a bomb. We can still run onto that bomb (33% chance) but these 3 tiles give the best odds.

We click the tile in the lower left corner.

At the mine sweeper game you collect wilds,
these wilds you can use in the main game.
The more wilds you collect, the better.

We had 66% chance on a wild and 33% chance on a bomb. It turned out well, we got a wild.

And we got more info, from the 8 remaining tiles:
– For 5 tiles we surely know they contain a bomb.
– For 1 tile we surely know it contains a wild.
– For 2 tiles we know one contains a wild, and one not. But not which one.

Let’s first do the one that surely contains a wild, and then take a 50/50 on the other two. We’ll end with either 9 or 10 out of 10 wilds. In either case, not bad.

10 wilds
This game we can gain at max. 10 wilds. But it don’t always have to be 10. As we described above, you can see how many wilds you can collect. You can already know before you pay the game, the number of wilds depends on the target score. The higher the target score, the more wilds.

The number of bombs in the mine sweeper game is 16 minus the number of wilds (logically because the board has 16 tiles).

We put signs with a table showing which score will give how many collectable wilds near the 4Play Plus games, so you can always look it up. This is the table:

Score Bombs Collectable wilds
from 0 to 60000 6 10
from 60000 to 72000 5 11
from 72000 to 84000 4 12
from 84000 to 96000 3 13
from 96000 to 108000 2 14
from 108000 to 120000 1 15
higher than 120000 0 16
The main game
After the mine sweeper game finishes, the main 4Play plus game will start. As you see here to the right you get a play board filled with numbers, and below these numbers a bonus. Below the board you see a spinner, with numbers that you could match on the main board. The top side of the spinner contains buttons that would trigger a wild.

Above the board you see that we need to beat a score of 51901, the score we collected already is 0 and that we are in the first round.

Below the board you see I have 8 wilds left (Wasn’t that 10?? Yes, but I explain the main game based on the images of a different game I played) and I play to win L$10. (The game has a x2 multiplier, I paid it L$5, so I can win L$10)

We see that we have the numbers 30 and 37 that that can make a match. Later in the game it might be wise to make matches in a specific order or even not play a match. In the beginning of the game it is not.

Let’s click 30 and 37 and then click the spinner to go to the next round.

With matching 30 and 37 we gained 100 points for each match. Thus, we start the next round with 200 points.

4Play Plus gives points for tile matches, line matches (horizontal, vertical and diagonal) and when you fill the entire play board.

Tile match 100 points
Line match 500 points
Fill the board 2500 points

With only 16 tiles, 10 lines and 1 board available, the total score that can be gained with this is 9100. Not even close to enough when needing 51901. We want bonuses!! Multipliers!!

As you see, in the lower left corners of each tile is a bonus. These are either multipliers, bonus points, an extra game round or an extra wild. Near the beginning of the game I am mostly interested in multipliers. Getting a multiplier will multiply all score made from that moment on with 2, getting a second multiplier means all wiil be multiplied with 3, and the third multiplier makes it x4.

But let’s first play our match we have this round: I click 20 and then the spinner to move to the next round.

Or..better not click the spinner. Instead I waited, after 30 seconds or so the game will move in to the next round automatically. One can use that time to study the bonuses and define a strategy collecting them. This made me happy, I got 8 wilds and some pretty easy to catch high bonuses. When I play smart, I don’t need much luck to win this game. YAY!

At this round, the 3rd round already, I can match 23 and 38. I do so.

But afterwards I don’t click the spinner to go to the next round but I click the yellow smiley above it, on the first column. I will use a wild.

After I click on the smiley at the top side of the spinner, a smiley (these are the wilds) will appear in the spinner at the column where I clicked. I used one wild, so as you see, I no longer have 8 wilds remaining, but only 7.

Since we can get bonus points and multipliers, I am aiming on a few multipliers first. I can get the bonus points later, when they’ll be multiplied. And, I want also my score for completing lines and tiles multiplied.

With the wild I can collect a bonus in the column above it or match a tile in the same column. There is no bonus to collect. I use the wild so I can match the number 10.

After matching 10 I use 2 more wilds, on the second and third column. I will match the numbers 19 and 27. My goal is to assure I can gain the multiplier in the lower left corner and that in the upper right corner.

After I am done I still don’t have a multiplier, but I’ll go to the next round anyways.

When one completes a line, one gets a bonus. That is the first bonus available on that line from top to bottom, or in case of a row, from left to right. So if I used another wild I could place it on 32 or 39 and get myself a multiplier. I try to save myself a multiplier by hoping I will get 32 or 39 in the next round. If not I don’t loose anything, I can still use the wild. Otherwise I saved myself one of the 5 remaining wilds.

Getting a 20% chance on saving a wild, at no cost. Sure, I take that.
It all might start seem a complicated game already, but it also isn’t rocket science. All one one needs to do is to play a few games to get used to it. We have free play games available so you can practice as long as you like and perhaps already win a few L$, at no cost at all.

Yay, at the next round we get 32 to match. That plan worked !!
We also get 1.

I best first match 32. It will give the multiplier and then 1. So that the 100 points I get for matching 1 will already be multiplied by 2.
If I first match 1 and then 32, I ain’t having a multiplier yet.

** Blushes ** But I did something else, I matched 32 and clicked the spinner to go to the next round. I overlooked the 1, I missed a number.

Missing a number can easily cost the game. I better play more cautious if I actually want a chance to win the game.
Damn it !!

We see a red 2X sign, showing I did conquer the first multiplier. All score I make from now on will be multiplied by 2.

The score we have is 1500, that is the 800 we did already get, plus 100 for matching a tile, plus 500 for matching a line (the diagonal). This 100 and 500 were not multiplied with 2 already. The multiplier was given directly after matching the tile and line.

We are in the 5th round and it is a pretty useless round. I can’t match a single number. Nothing!!

This is not so strange as while the game makes progress there are less possible matches. From the 16 tiles available, 9 are already matched. Which is again something you should take into consideration when using wilds, matching a number with a wild will take away the possibility that you could match it without having to use a wild in a later round.

Earlier on we saw an example of that where we first waited to see what we would get in the next round, before spending another wild.

Anyways, nothing to match this round, let’s move on to the next one.

Nothing exciting this round either. Ok, we can match 5, but that’s it.
Let’s learn from our previous mistakes and make that match.

I again don’t use any wild. I only have 5 wilds left and I do have a plan involving another multiplier and the 10K and 3K bonuses but patience will pay off. I am careful using bonuses where they could be not needed.

The plan is simple: 13K at a X3 multiplier is 39000 points, completing also the entire board and thus also all rows and columns is enough to win the game. So I know what I have to do, but my wilds are scare.

The 7th round brings no matches. I still need 2 matches for my plan to work.

There are 6 tiles to be matched left. If I get 2 of them, I could do the other 4 with wilds.
I would have 1 wild remaining but I also will earn a bonus wild, as you can see at the tile containing number 2. The bonus for a row is the first one at the left side, so it would be a sure thing that I get that bonus.

So I would end up with 2 wilds remaining after completing the board, these are enough to collect the 10K and 3K bonus.

I must also keep an eye on that I will get that 3K bonus. When I match the diagonal it is on I will get the top most bonus available. So, I must make sure the top most bonus (500 points at the tile containing a 1) is already gone by then. I can do so by matching the top row or the left column before I match the diagonal.

It is a great plan, it will work, but I need a few matches first. On to the next round.

Gee, d*mn it. This round gives again nothing. Nada. Nope.

I am getting a bit nervous out of this, so I decide to act. I play 2 wilds. I could have also waited another round, that might have been better.

It doesn’t change much, I need two matches and I of course play these two numbers that guarantee me that I can reveal the 3K bonus no matter in which order matches will be given.

Let’s move on to the next round.


Holly sweet mother of goodness, there it is. Justice after all. I needed two matches, I’ll get three.

Only two possibilities now. It either was total crap I was writing till so far, or I’ll win this game!!!.

I must make sure to play the 2 before I play the 16. Or, even better, match 39 first with a wild. Not that the last is needed, I’ll win.

Happily pre-ejoying my sure win, I click the 2, 16 and 28 and give the spinner another roll.

The next round gives nothing. Not that it matters, this game is already a sure win. Unless I do something silly.

Here I make my already 3rd mistake this game. I use a wild to collect the 3000 points.

Allright, I admit. I ain’t the best player in the world, but when I was analyzing the video of me playing this game I realized it would be pretty neat to show a game in which I do not play perfect. The best thing to learn from is the mistakes of others.

I should of course have used a wild to match the 39, and then one to collect the 3000 points. Matching the 39 will give another multiplier at the bottom row, making that I would not earn 3000×2 = 6000 points, but 3000×3 = 9000 points with the 3000 bonus.

I didn’t do that. So, that’ll be a 3000 less final score.

Here you see me taking that 3000 points bonus.

It wasn’t a mistake big enough to take away my victory. I still have a multiplier and a 10K bonus multiplied by 3 coming.

Let’s forget about me being a bit to eager and move on to the next round, shall we.

Ok, this is round 11 out of 12. I should act now because I need one more round in order to collect the 10K bonus which I can earn this round.

Although, the extra round could still give an escape.

So, I do what I have to do. A wild in the 4th column, clearing the board, revealing the 3X multiplier and the 10K bonus at last.

The last round.

All I got to do is play a wild on the last column and get my 10,000 points, the multiplier is 3, so that’ll make 30,000. Together with the 26,300 I already have a fine 56,300. I even have a wild left over, with which I can take one of the 500 points bonuses.

I won.

I admit, it was quite a story. This game isn’t the most easy one to learn. You’ll have to get used to the system where what line match made when determines the bonuses.

Tip You don’t have all the time in the world to analyze the play board. A round lasts 30 seconds. But in most cases all you do in the first rounds, is match the numbers. You don’t have to click the spinner to move to the next round, you can also use the time to analyze the board and see which lines have to be matched first.

Of the 16 possible bonuses on the board,
– 7 can be collected by just matching a line, doesn’t matter in what order.
– 3 can be collected by making sure first another line is completed. So you need two lines in a particular order.
– 2 can be collecting making sure first 4 other lines are completed.
– 4 cannot be reached at all.

This is every time the same, so you don’t have to puzzle much about it. Use the picture below instead. The 7 easy tiles are green, the 3 harder ones yellow, the 2 very hard ones red and the 4 impossible ones black.

Yay!! I won!!

Practice a bit, on the free play games or the cheap machines.
Some find this game incredible complicated. Which might be true if the thingy with the which line to complete first in order to collect what bonus would be different every game you play. But it isn’t, it is always the same.

Once you got the hang on that, playing 4Play Plus gets fun.

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