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Group of 4Play games at Game Station
4Play Classic games at Game Station
4Play Classic
4Play Classic is one of the longest existing skill games you can find in Second Life. The game is created by R&A Core, who also created 4Play Plus. 4Play Plus is a whole different game than 4Play Classic but they do have a common anchestor: 4Play.

Where 4Play Plus is a brainteaser which would make even Albert Einstein sweat, 4Play Classic is much more down to earth. It is a fun and fast game.

We offer 4Play Classic at Game Station and at Cleopatra Games.

Learn all about 4Play Classic in the manual below. We learn you how to play and how to play smart. Remeber all these games are skill games, thus playing smart helps you a lot.

Elements of the game machine
The game machine has various elements. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Target score You need to beat this score in order to win the game. Score any score above the target score to be a winner.

Round The game lasts 12 rounds. Round shows the number of the current round.

Score The current score. This can only increase during the game, never decrease.

Play board Once the game is started, this is where you play.

Spinner Once the game is started, this is where your numbers to match and smileys appear.

Multiplier This is what you will win, x times you buy in price. So, e.g. when you win the game and you paid it L$10, with a multiplier of 2, you will win L$20.

Buy in price The amount you have to pay to start a game. Note that the game can have up to 4 different buy in prices, only the lowest is shown here. You can choose a different amount when paying the game.

Let’s play a game and see how it works:

I selected a game machine and paid it. Immediatly afterwards a play board and spiner are generated and the game is started. As we see on the picture: We are at round 1.

4Play Classic is amongst other things a number matching game. Each round we’ll have 0 till 4 matches to make, as you see in this example: I got 3 matches we can make, the numbers 17, 30 and 37.

There is nothing really special at this round, so I make my matches and continue.

In some cases it can be wise to not play a match or it can be wise to play the matches in a specific order. None of that is the case right now, I just click 17,30 and 37 on the play board and then give a click on the spiner.

Giving a click on the spiner advances the game to the next round.

As you see, I got 300 points. Each matched number gives 100 points, I matched 3, so that is 300 points.

When I would match one of the 4 horizontal lines, one of the 4 vertical lines or one of the 2 diagonal lines I would get an extra 500 points. Clearing the entire board (thus all numbers are matched) would give me 2500 points.

It is clear that with 1 board, 10 lines and 16 tiles, the maximum reachable score would be 2500 + 10×500 + 16×100 = 9,100. Luckily, there are bonusses and multipliers cause we need (and will get) more than 24,951 points in order to win this game.

Note: Scoring goes in steps of 100 points, so a target score of 24,951 is actually the same as 24,901 or 24,999. Also note that we set all 4Play Classic on a score that is not dividable by 100, sparing you the worry what would happen if you reach exactly the score. (You wouldn’t win)

Anyways, this round I only have 1 number to match, number 32. I click that and then click the spiner to advance to the next round.

The third round already…I got a smiley !

Smileys can be used for two purposes, either as a wild, to match any number in the column above or to collect bonusses. I’ll explain bonuses later, we need a collectable bonus in order to collect one and we don’t have that now.

So, I’ll use the smiley as a wild. Experienced as you might be with number matching games, you would say that 1 and 8 would be good choices, as they are both on a diagonal. True. I choose 8, but that has more to do with the fact that when 8 is gone, as soon as we can match 20, we will have a Multiplier bonus.

These bonuses are the little fields below the numbers. 3 of them show “Mult”, 1 of them shows “+1R” and the others are 10K, 5K, 3K, 2.5K, 1K and 500. K stands for 1000, so 10K is 10,000 points. Mult stands for Multiplier, if I get a multiplier bonus, all score from that moment on will be multiplied by 2. (If I get a second 1, all will be multiplied by 3 and if I get the last one too, all will be multiplied by 4).

+1R stands for one extra round. If you got that, the game will last 13 rounds instead of 12.

Let’s click the 8 and go on to the next round.

Wow, what a surprise, I get the number I was hoping for: 20.

Or perhaps, not a total surprise, I played a few dozen of games, and picked out the one that let’s me describe things in the order I want to describe them.

When I match 20, 3 things will happen:
* I will get 100 points for matching a number,
* The entire bottom row gets cleared, that is a horizontal line, so I get an extra 500 points,
* Every time a line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) gets cleared I get one of the bonusses on that line.

I will get the bonus shown at the number I use to clear the line, in this case the bonus shown at 20.
When there is no bonus below the number, I get the bonus most nearby that number.
When there is no bonus at all at the line, I get no bonus.

The only bonus available at the entire line is the multiplier, so I’ll get that.

Note that we also prevent ourselves from potentionally spoiling an opportunity to get a bonus. This row has only one bonus available, so if I got that bonus e.g. by clearing the diagonal line, I would get no bonus when clearing this horizontal line. In this game, the second column is an identical case.

I click 20 and then the spiner to go to the next round.

I earned 600 points, above the 500 I already had. I earned 100 points for matching the number and another 500 for matching the line. Nothing got multiplied by 2 yet, as I got my x2 multiplier after matching the number and the line.

Now suppose, I also had another number to play, e.g. 21. It would of course have been wise to first play 20 and then 21. Because if the order was first 21 and then 21, my 100 points I would score for 21 would not be doubled. The order in which you play matches can matter, keep that always into consideration.

The order of play can also matter when revealing bonusses. If I e.g. had 3 matches this round, being 2, 22 and 34, the last match I play would complete the line and thus reveal the bonus. If I play 2 as last, it would be a 10,000 points bonus and when I play 34 as last, a 5,000 points bonus. I clearly prefer 5,000.

I might like having so many matches this round. Reality is a bit more harsh, I don’t have any match at all.

This round is worthless, I click the spiner to go to the next round.

This round is a whole lot better, I can match number 2 and got 2 smileys.

Well, better. Hmmm…

I am very eager to get the 10K bonus. I have already a 2X multiplier, thus 10Kx2=20,000 points, I would come near a win. But getting the 2 spoils that thought. I could choose not to play it, but that is also a high sacrofice.

A good way to play the smileys would be on 18 and 22 (in that order), releasing the 3x multiplier. But…I don’t. I stick a bit longer with my desire to get the 10K. I play 18 and 23, if we now get 5, 35 and 1 in the next rounds, I could still manage to get that 10K.

Perhaps the alternative would have been better. I don’t know, I am not an expert player, I only tell you the basics, so you can become one. So, this is what I do: I play 2, 18 and 23 and then go on the next round.

Note that I got 3 tiles cleared, and thus scored 300 points which nicely got multiplied by 2. Making it 600. The total score of 1700 doesn’t look very promising when being already more than half way the game but actually it is quite normal to score most points near the end of the game.

We got quite a few lines that only need one or two tiles more to be cleared, all scores will be multiplied now and we didn’t get a single points bonus yet.

This rounds brings us a new smiley. I can choose, 34 or 35.

There is absolutely no reason to choose 34. So I stay with my original plan and click on 35. After that I click again the spiner to go to the next round.

Yayyy…It is raining smileys.

With smileys I have the choice where to play them. But, the options in this case are rather limited. The one in the second column can only be played at number 13. In the third column I can choose, between 21 and 22 and the in the fourth column I have again no choice, only 34 is available.

The choise between 21 and 22 is not a difficult one. 22 is on a diagonal and will increase the multiplier, where 21 does do nothing special. So, we play 13, 22 and 34.

But…not in that order. 22 comes first, cause by doing so all we score with the other numbers will be multiplied by 3 instead of 2. Then comes 34, 34 will also reveal another multiplier and a 5000 bonus. Finally we play 13, getting twice as much points for it then when we would play it as the first number.

Since 22 and 34 both reveal a multiplier, you would say it doesn’t matter which one we play first. But it does !! If I first clear 34, I get the 5000 points bonus, and I clear a line. Then I play 22 and I won’t get 2 multipliers but 1 multiplier plus a 1000 points bonus. That 1000 point bonus is then taken, so for clearing 13 I will get no bonus at all. So I give up a multiplier and score less points.

22, 34 and 13 it shall be, and in no different order!! Everything else is not smart.
I click those numbers and go to the next round.

So, after doing all that, our score also gets quite a push in the right direction. This round we got 3 times more points than all previous rounds together.

The point bonusses (and the extra round) are a bit different than the multiplier bonusses. They have to be collected, if I get a smiley in a column where a bonus is, I can use that smiley to collect a bonus instead of matching a number. Only then I will actually receive the points. Without collecting a points bonus is useless.

The good news is the smiley we see on the 4th column. I can use that to collect the 5,000 points. The multiplier is 4x. 4 times 5,000 points is 20,000 points. Being more than enough to win the game.

I click on the 5,000 points and starts dancing around the table: We will win this game as there is no way to loose points, only to collect points, and we’ll have enough already.

The next round has no numbers to match, no smileys, no nothing.
But I don’t care, because I already got 28,800 points. I’ll win this game.

Ok, I would prefer winning it with a very high score, that could do me good on contests and rewards, but playing a game already won is just a way more relaxed than a game already lost.

I give the spiner a click, see what the next round brings.

Oh! The next round again nothing.

It is no surprise that rounds giving nothing to match happen mostly near the end of the game. The spiner is generated random and with so many numbers already matched, much more numbers appearing on the spiner do not give a match.

But that doesn’t hurt me, not this time. I already won my game.

The very last round brings me a smiley. I play it on the 1,000 points, to get an extra 1,000 x4 points.

And the game is finished…with a nice win.

Priority on lines
When you match a number that completes multiple lines (as we did in this example with 22) each of these lines can give a bonus. The lines are dealth with in this order: Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal. Remember that, or write it down, or whatever. It can make a lot of a difference as you will have to have a strategy, a plan, to reveal the highest bonusses.

You of course don’t need a strategy spanning over the entire game, you’ll have to look over the situation round by round.

Priority on bonusses
When the tile used to complete the line does not contain a bonus, the most nearby bonus on that line will be given. If 2 are equally nearby, the lowest bonus will be given.
The order of bonusses is: 500, 1K, 2.5K, 3K, 5K, 10K, Multiplier, +1 Round.
You can easily remember: From low to high, multiplier and +1 round being the lowest.

An odd thing about multipliers
When you collect a bonus, you are awarded that bonus based on your current effective multiplier. A multiplier does not take effect until it is actually on the screen. When a match makes multiple likes (horizontal, vertical and/or diagonal) than they are processed in that order, thus when in that situation the vertical line will reveal a multiplier, this is not yet active when processing the horizontal line.

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