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We offer skill games at the locations listed below. Various other operators do offer simular games at their locations. We do allow all official approved operators to also operate the games we created. However, this is our site, so we only describe our own places.

Skill Gaming regions are not accessible for all, Linden Labs wants to make sure you are not subjected to a local law that does not permit you to play skill games. If you cannot get in and you are allowed to play skill games, most likely your payment info is outdated or not available. Read all about it at the second life skill gaming FAQ.

The most easy way to check if you are allowed into such a region: Try to teleport to one.

Please note: These games are skill games, not gambling devices. Sure, you can play them as if they were gambling devices and you might win some. Congrats on your win! however, you’ll win a lot more when playing a bit smart and keeping an eye on all the contests and rewards. At this site we give you all information you need to do so and very usefull tips.

Our regions

Game Station Game Station
Read all about Game Station

Teleport to Game Station

Game Station is our oldest still existing gaming location. Older residents might still remember the Rock, where it all started. Game Station offers a wide variety of games connected to an awfull lot of rewards and contests.

Cleopatra Games Cleopatra Games
Read all about Cleopatra Games

Teleport to Cleopatra Games

Cleopatra Games is a paradise for the more competitive players. All games are connected to 3 big fat winner contests. You can win big at Cleopatra Games but competition can be fierce. Play smart, the first place isn’t always the most beneficial one. Cleopatra games is located in the ancient Egypt, expect pyramids and sunshine.

Devilish Dream Devilish Dream
Read all about Devilish Dream

Teleport to Devilish Dream

No Devil (created by MooTownGames SLSGC) is by far the most popular Skill Game ever seen in Second Life. Where in the old days many games had point stealing Devils, No Devil does not have such feature. That’s why it is named No Devil.

Devilish Dream is an ode to No Devil, located in a dream world, a perhaps unpleasant dream dreamt by the Devil himself. You’ll find a whole lot of No Devil games in Devilish Dream, and only No Devil games. No Devil with multipliers, variables, wheels, wink, No Devil high score battles…all NO DEVIL, and nothing but NO DEVIL.

Here is something I like to have said clearly:
We only offer games that are available on the free market. There is competition, we are far from the only ones offering these games. At any fair comparison of the scores we offer and the extras we give, one will have to conclude, we do offer neat places to play. For the players: The best places.

We try to offer all available fair games, the popular ones as well as the lesser popular ones. Some games we do not offer, mostly because the creator did not make them available. That is a fair choice of these creators but it also implies these games are offered by them, without the fierce competition that keeps scores low and rewards good.

Gaming in SL is good because there is a strong competition. We will always remain battling to stay the best. The games we run, either created by ourselves or by others, are availalbe on the free market, at reasonable prices. At these games many operators compete to be the best. It is that competition that makes gaming in SL as vital as it is today. It is that competition that makes margins low and thus your winnings high.

Competition rocks!!
..and we win it.

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