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Game Station is our oldest still existing gaming location. Older residents might still remember the Rock, where it all started. Game Station offers a wide variety of games connected to an awfull lot of rewards and contests.

At this manual we explain you all games we have, all rewards and all contests. You will be given all information you need in order to determine how to make most advantageous use of all the rewards and contests available.

The games
At Game Station we offer the following games:
4Play Classic
Crazy Animals
Deal Classic S
Lucky Rainbow
No Devil
X Flash
   The Rewards
All games are connected to all the simwide rewards. By playing games you can also win prizes on these rewards. It is best to study and understand these rewards, in order to gain the most out of them.

Weekly Rewards
Daily Rewards
Winners Contest
Turbo Rewarder
Double Refund Bonus

Each game is connected to various contests.
High Score Contest
No Devil, 4Play Classic, Fire

170 Hours Contest
No Devil, 4Play Classic, Fire

50 Hours Contest
No Devil, 4Play Classic, Fire

Dropping Score Jackpot
All games.

Cumulative Progressive Contest
Joker, Deal, Spin2Pot, Lucky Rainbow, Crazy Animals, Deal Classic, X-Flash

Cumulative Contest
The L$1-L$9 games (Fire, No Devil, 4Play Classic).

So, when you play e.g. a No Devil game, your game is connected to 5 rewards and 4 contests. We do strongly advise you to follow the links above and learn all about these extras in order to optimize your winnings.

Add ons
Some games have an add on connected to them. This is made visible on the game display (Contest mode) and the add-on is placed directly next to or above the game. Here an overview of the add-ons available at Game Station. Click one to learn more about it.

Please note: We present variable as an add on. Actually it is not. Variable is a feature of the game itself.

   Add ons at Game Station:


Mega Wheel


Wink SK

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