The factory is a production facility where L$ is transformed into prizes at a 97% efficiency rate.

At the factory you play tournament style games, the money paid to games goes to pots and you try to win these pots.

Be aware that in tournaments you play not against the operator but against other players that also try to win the same pots.

At all my regions the system is most generous to the players, at the Factory this generousity comes with a claim: 97% of all money paid to the games goes back to the players. We do so straightforward and verifiable, all is visible on the boards.
At the Factory we offer various games, at each game you can choose which tournament to play:
L$10, L$20, L$50
L$100, L$200, L$500
L$1000, L$2000, L$5000

We offer these games:
4Play Classic
Core S
Lucky Rainbow
No Devil
Space Race

Teleporter board @ the factory
Each tournament has 3 game machines, all 3 with their own machine topper placed above the machine. The topper shows a selected prize and the score you need to beat in order to win that prize. On the tournament machine below the game machines you can see how much money is currently in the pot for that prize. When you win, you win that pot.

After your game is finished a new prize is selected. The next game on this machine will be for that prize. If no one plays the game within 10 minutes, the selected prize is set back to the default prize: Electricity. (A purple timer shows how much of these 10 minutes is still left over, when you are running out of time, simply click the topper to gain another 10 minutes.)

Thus, you know before you start playing which prize you play for. Remember that you will also know which prize you leave when you stop playing. Don’t play too long, stop on time, but leaving the game when e.g. a Robot price is selected might be unwise. Robot pots can grow rather high.

The pots themselves are always within easy viewing range, just below the game machines.
You cannot predict which prize will be selected for the next game, prizes are selected at random but some prizes will be selected more often than other ones. The number of stars show how frequent a prize will be selected.

At the factory you can be sure that prizes are selected fair, by a simple mechanism. If a pot is high or low, if you won much or little, the odds remain the same. No unverifiable magic on the background, somewhere in a script or on a server, not when you play at Morenda. Here you get straightforward odds, published on a big plate on the wall.

All odds are explained on the image here to the right.

The fun about the factory tournament system is that it pays out a lot, but rather irregular. Fight for the big pots, win them.
When you play a game at the factory, the money you pay into the machine is for 97% going to the pots and contests.

Each of the 8 pots gets 10%, regardless of the number of stars or the height of that pot, it gets 10%.

The 3 winners contests each will grow with 4% of the amount you paid. These contests are often overlooked, but watch them a bit more careful than you might be used too. What if you only need to play a little more to get a higher spot? What if you played already so much that no one will take your spot, couldn’t you better wait till the contest ends instead of playing now? Maximize your profit, be aware of the contests.

Finally another 5% goes to the distributor, the device that links everything together, making sure pots always grow, even when no one plays.
The distributor distributes L$. 5% of every game, plus all amounts that would otherwise drop out of the system.

When one who plays at the Factory wins the Turbo Rewarder, it is paid from the distributor, when a contest ends without all 15 spots taken, the L$ for the spots not taken go to the distributor. Credits won but not used? They too go back into the system by sending them over to the distributor.

97% = 97%, nothing disappears because it wasn’t claimed.

The distributor distributes the incoming money to pay for the incoming requests (either a turbo rewarder win or in some cases a special prize won on some of the games) and sends the remaining to the tournaments. It takes a random tournament and saves enough money for that tournament to increase the pots, each pot 10% of the buy in price of that tournament, thus as if a game was played.

The distributor makes sure that 97% back to the players is truly 97%, not less, not more. It also makes sure pots grow, on all tournaments.

Pot Financing
After a pot is won, the new pot will not be zero. L$ is transferred from the other pots on the same tournament to the new pot. The mechanism of transferring money from pots is called pot financing.

With pot financing, the other pots will never give more L$ than possible without dropping below their default value. If enough L$ is available the new pot will be financed to its default value.

Default value = Buy In X Stars X Stars.
Thus e.g. a 3 star pot at a buy in of 100 has a default of:
100x3x3 = 900

At pot financing, amounts are taken from other pots (that are above their default value), every time 10% of the buy in price. Thus, e.g. on a game that costs L$100, L$10 is taken.

In the first financing round, money is only taken from pots with 1 star. In the second financing round, from pots with 1 or 2 stars. In the third round from pots with 1,2 or 3 stars. In every later round, from all pots.

This financing rule makes sure that pots are never empty or almost empty and that you can always see the full amount in the pots. After you won a game, you get the amount in that pot, the total sum of L$ in the pots will be the sum that was there minus the amount you won. Only, L$ will be moved from one pot to the other, making sure the pot you won doesn’t remain empty.

You might wonder why these games are located in a factory, and what all these machinery does. However, would it not be better to wonder why so many games are not located in factory buidlings?

The Game Station group is proud to have the Factory on our lands. It is a comfortable place to play, the tournaments are exciting and we hope besides the games, you also enjoy the surroundings. This place is built with love in the belief that good people as you deserve good places to play.
Relax a bit in between gaming? Dance with someone, visit our statue garden outside or lay down some at our counches or our beach.

Good people deserve good places to play.

Please note: Tournaments can be exciting. You might win hundreds of times your money back, or hardly anything at all. You compete with other players, minus the 3% of which we pay all costs, it is: What you win is what they loose or vice versa.

For being successful on these tournaments, keep this into consideration:

  • Be good at the game itself. We do provide manuals on this site. In most of our locations you find freeplay games to practice. You can start at low buy in games, to master your skills.
  • Understand and use the contests. Not playing much more than needed to conquer your spot or play a bit more than you planned to gain a higher spot can be very profitable.
  • Also at the contests, playing at least a little when others play a lot could easily give you a very beneficial spot, perhaps low on the contest but you also didn’t play much.
  • Choose wisely when to stop. Don’t stop playing when you have a 3 or 4 star prize selected, at least not without checking the value of this prize at the tournament.
  • Swap machines. When a pot is selected with a value lower than the electricity pot, why not play the machine next to it? It has the electricity pot by default.

Other players will try to play smart too. Watching out a bit and understanding how things work will bring you at the same level. That makes it a fair tournament.


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