Double Refund Bonus

Double Refund Bonus
After you play a game you have a chance that the double refund bonus will pay you the amount you paid for the game back. Double. It doesn’t matter what game you play, how expensive or cheap the game costs and if you won the game or lost it.

Each game played has an equal chance.

You don’t have to do anything for the double refund bonus. Just play. If you won, you’ll get a message and the L$ you won will be paid to you. Did you win playing e.g. a game that costs L$100, you will receive L$200.

The Double Refund Bonus shows the 3 last winners.

This is a promotional device, just giving a little extra as a gratitude that you play at our place.

On the avarage the Double Refund Bonus pays out 1% of the amounts played. So, your odds are 0.5% on 2 times your buy in.

You could consider playing more games for lower amounts instead of a single game for a higher amount. Your win chance will be still the same but the prizes come in more predictable. On a 1000 games it is very unlikely not to win the Double Refund Bonus between 3 and 7 times.

In a strategy that involves playing fequent or involves playing a larger number of games, devices as this will always tend to pay out the average expected amount. So, you can count on getting an extra 1% back on the average.

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