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No Devil (created by MooTownGames SLSGC) is by far the most popular Skill Game ever seen in Second Life. Where in the old days many games had point stealing Devils, No Devil does not have such feature. That’s where the name No Devil comes from.

Devilish Dream is an ode to No Devil, located in a dream world, a dream dreamt by the Devil himself. From the Devil’s point of view an unpleasant dream, a world without Devils. You’ll find a whole lot of No Devil games in Devilish Dream, and only No Devil games. No Devil with multipliers, variables, wheels, wink, No Devil high score battles…all NO DEVIL, and nothing but NO DEVIL.

At this manual we explain you all rewards and all contests. You will be given all information you need in order to determine how to make most advantageous use of all the rewards and contests available.

The rewards
Devilish dream gives back 20% to the players in the form of rewards. TWENTY PERCENT, not a little.
Here an overview of all rewards, make sure you study them, in order to maximize your results.

Replay3 Credits
Replay 3 Cash
300 Games Contest
Slide Down
Dropping Score Jackpot
Double Refund Bonus

On top of that 20%, there is also our multi-region Turbo Rewarder throwing cash at you.

20% rewards at Devilish
We offer No Devil at all thinkable variations, thus you’ll find also various different add-ons at Devilish Dream.

Wink SK
Mega Wheel
High Score Battle

Please note: We present variable as an add on. Actually it is not. Variable is a feature of the game itself.

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