Cumulative Contest

Cumulative Contest The cumulative contest is a contest used at the L$1 to L$9 games. The cumulative contest is a contest that runs for 999 games. It gives a prize to the 7best ranking players, the first prize of course the highest and the 10th the lowest. The prizes are visible on the contest board.

Your score is the sum of the scores of all games you played, every time multiplied by the buy in amount, divided by 3000. (E.g. you score 20,000 points on a game you paid L$4 for, then the points added to your score are: (20,000×4)/3000=26

So if you play a L$3 game, your score counts 3 times heavier as a L$1 game. (Thus if you play L$3 by playing 3 times a L$1 game, it is the same as one L$3 game).

You should take into consideration the playing of others. Try to get the best spot, at the lowest costs.

When you are determining how many games you have to play in order to pass another player (or how much another player has to play in order to pass you), you can make a good estimate using the following formula:
X = The score of the player to be passed
Y = The score of the player that wants to pass X
A = The average score per game.
GP = The buy in of the game you want to play.

Total Score Needed (TS) = X – Y
Total Buy-in Needed (TB) = (TS / A) * 3000
Total Games Needed = TB / GP

You most likely don’t exactly know the average score you can expect per game. A good rule of thumb, take about 90% of the score as given on the X2 multiplier. That is far from exact but remember, you are only making an estimate.

Please note When playing a game it can happen that you still have some rounds left after you already beated the target score. It is wise to continue playing as good as you can anyways, every point you score will count for the contest.

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