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A step by step guide on creating your Second Life account.

1. Creating the account

Go to the second life website. Here you will have to fill in a form. You start with making up a name for yourself. Take a bit time for this, you won’t be capable to change your name afterwards. So choose a name of your liking…

As you see you can make up your own name, choose it carefully as you cannot change it later. Yes, there is something as display names but mostly you’ll have to live with the name you choose here. (Read also the next section of this page in case you want to avoid your last name being resident.)

The software does not make the case of your name right. So if you type john, your name will be john and not John. That looks a bit silly, and you cannot correct it. (Some folks in the BDSM scene use fully lowercase names to emphasize the fact that they are submissive,  but unless you do it on purpose, make sure your name is a nice one.)

You can choose a starting look by clicking one of the pictures. This isn’t very important. All looks will be available to you, you can later on change your looks and soon you will be shopping for a few freebies to personalize your looks (no worries, costs nothing) .. so just choose one you like.

Almost finished. Scroll a bit down to enter your E-mail address, birth date, a security question in case you lost your password and the letters in the strange picture so they know you are a person and not a computer.

Give a valid E-mail address otherwise it won’t work.

The security check thing – with the letters you have to type from the picture – is sometimes a bit unclear. To avoid you having to try multiple times, just click the try a different one link till you get a clear one. On other websites you create accounts you also see this kind of tests, I don’t get the idea Second Life is using a particular handy one. But, by clicking a few times on that link you’ll get a readable one.

In the next step you will be asked if you want to download and install the second life software and you will receive an E-mail in which you have to click the verification link.

That’s about all.

2. The last name “Resident” and how to avoid it.

In the past new Second Life avatars would get a first name and a last name. Nowadays avatars only get a first name. So, there are old avatars as me, my first name is SLI and last name is Chun and new avatars who don’t have a last name.

Many scripts use a default last name for those who don’t have a last name. That default last name is resident. So if you sign up as Suzy68 you will be often referred to as Suzy68 Resident. You cannot change that, there is nothing you can do about it.

However, some of Second Life’s affiliates still use the old sign up procedure. So there is a way to not have to live with resident as your last name. Use one of these to sign up and you can pick a last name from a list.

Note : You cannot change your name after you sign up, of course you could sign up again and forget about the old account. However you can choose a different last name than resident using one of the links above.

Linden Labs got the idea that proper last names are not needed in Second Life. According to them avatars with a last name Resident don’t have a last name at all, so your last name is not resident. The majority of the community will consider resident as your last name, you’ll also see the name resident displayed a lot.

You don’t want to be named resident? Use one of the links above and you can choose a different last name.

3. One more thing about names

Be wise and choose a proper name. It is just so damned hard to take a guy who’s name is HardOne69XXX serious that many choose to ignore people with an inappropriate name. Also names as ILikeCandy, SmokingMan etc are wrong. Give your second life a chance, choose a real name.

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