Contests and rewards

We offer a wide variety of contests and rewards at our regions. Contests and rewards are extra’s. You play games and you want to win the game. Above that you can gain pretty nice amounts on the contests and rewards.

Be aware that contest and reward can vary from region to region and from game to game. See all the details for the game you are playing at the page of the region it is in:
Cleopatra Games
Devilish Dream
Game Station

All contests and rewards
170 hours contest – Earn big, every week.
300 games contest – Fast going cumulative contest.
50 hours contest – An extra prize for the top players.
7/7 Weekly Rewards – Earn a daily extra prize, all week long.
Cleopatra’s Winners Contest – The ultimate winners contest. You dare?
Cumulative Contest – The contests of our L$1-L$9 games.
Cumulative Progresive Contest – A cummulative contest with a growing pot.
Double Refund Bonus – An extra bonus as an appreciation to you.
Dropping Score Jackpot – A jackpot that gets easier to take each time you don’t win it.
High Score Contest – Score high, win big.
Instant Daily Rewards – Top players receive an extra.
Replay3 Cash – Cash back on every game you play.
Replay3 Credits – Earn free game play today, play it tomorrow.
Turbo Rewarder – Giving extra money, rather frequent.
Slide down – Earn when others play.
Winners Contest – Free credits. Winning is the best way of earning.

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