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Cleopatra Games is a paradise for the more competitive players. All games are connected to 3 big fat winner contests. You can win big at Cleopatra Games but competition can be fierce. Play smart, the first place isn’t always the most beneficial one. Cleopatra games is located in the ancient Egypt, expect pyramids and sunshine.

At this manual we explain you all games we have, all rewards and all contests. You will be given all information you need in order to determine how to make most advantageous use of all the rewards and contests available.

The games
At Cleopatra Games we offer the following games:
4Play Classic
Coffee House
Crazy Animals
Deal Classic S
Lucky Rainbow
Magic Gems
No Devil
X Flash
   The Contests and Rewards
All games are connected to the simwide rewards. Cleopatra games is famous for its Winners Contests: 3 big progressive contests connected to all games. You play for all 3 contests at once, one contest paying out every 5 hours, one contest paying out every 24 hours and one contest paying out every week. Read all about Cleopatra’s Winners Contests…

All games except freeplay are connected to a Dropping Score Jackpot.

At Cleopatra games you also play for our generous multi-region Turbo Rewarder

Add ons
Some games have an add on connected to them. This is made visible on the game display (Contest mode) and the add-on is placed directly next to or above the game. Here an overview of the add-ons available at Game Station. Click one to learn more about it.

Please note: We present variable as an add on. Actually it is not. Variable is a feature of the game itself, the “add on” nothing more than a plate displaying the scores and winnings, but we think it is more clear to present variable too as if it were an add on.

   Add ons at Cleopatra Games:


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