Bloodlines is a vampire role play game played within Second Life. You can play various roles, you could be a human (often refered to as blood doll), a vampire or a lycan. You will need a special Bloodlines HUD to play this game. Your soul will be owned by another player and you will join a family.

Unless you want to end up as a blood doll you will need to keep yourself feeded. With blood. You get a little blood by biting another resident. Blood can also be bought. In some families the family keeps the members feeded. Blood is provided by the family, family members with enough cash buy it for you.

It is amongst role players of other role play games highly controversial if Bloodlines is a role play game. But who cares. It is a game.

Playing this game successfull means starting it wisely. Important is to join a good family, get yourself a reliable liege and make sure your soul is at somone you can trust. Just letting the first who asks turn you into a vampire might be a big mistake.

Spampires are perhaps the most pathetic creatures one can find in Second Life. You find them mostly at places where many new residents come. Spampires are trying to recruit new players for Bloodlines. As it is an important part of the game to own as much souls as possible they try to recrute new players this way.

Typically a spampire starts a conversation with you. Often about how cute you are, or if he could help you with something. Soon the subject will change to what he really wants…He will make as much promises as needed, to turn you into a vampire. It is very unlikely any of these promises will be kept.

Commonly they are interesting looking creatures or very sensual looking girls(*). Many spam for hours each day, so they have a lot of practice. Compare them with a second hand car dealer, they know how to move people to a decision(**).

Whatever you do: ignore the spampires. They are no good. They promise you a family and frienship, but after they got your soul they let you alone, going back to do what they seem to like doing so much: spamming even more. Best just end the conversation as soon as you find out one is a spampire, or mute him. In many cases, what he truely is looking for is attention, like a little kid. Don’t give them that.

(*) Most female spampires are males with a female avatar.
(**) No insult intended towards second hand car dealers.

A second life vampire is the “official” site of bloodlines.
It is owned by the owners of the game and has a
game guide. In case you consider being a
vampire, read that game guide.

You see a search box on the top of the page.
This is a handy feature, type the name of
another resident and in case he is a
Bloodlines player you will get a page showing
his statistics. Click one of the many names on
the entrance page to get an idea how that
looks like. When you become a vampire a
simular page will be created about you.
When you consider joining a clan or letting
someone turn you to become a vampire, this information can be usefull.

Financial aspects

Playing bloodlines is expensive. Playing bloodlines succesfully is very expensive. Take that into consideration. It is not difficult to find someone who is ready to pay your costs, but they won’t pay the costs of your minions also, not that you will have a lot of minions if you are not ready to pull out your wallet. Is that a problem? Consider being a blooddoll or accept that you will always rank low.


The success of Bloodlines has insipred others to come with simular Role Play Systems. Vampire the Destiny and the Hunger are the most well-known ones. Any nerd with enough knowledge could create such a system in one or two weeks work. Expect crappy systems, hardly any fellow players and ever-changing rules, dictated by a game owner who confuses himself with god. These alternatives are pure crap. Don’t waist time and money on it. You want to play a game simular to Bloodlines? Play the real thing, not a crappy disfuncional ripp-off.

Bloodlines warning sign
Many places show this sort of signs..

Idiots with teeth

When a vampire bites a resident who has not been bitten before he gets 0.25 liters of blood. ( A L$ 14 value) Which is equally to the amount he looses everyday. So, one bite a day, will keep a vampire alive. Guess what?? Some find that enough reason to hang out at crowded places all day and send a bite request (a message simular as those you get when someone wants to hug you) to every person they see. Constantly clicking a person, wait a little, click again, wait a while, click the next one..and so on.

YES! Some grown ups have choosen to fill their days doing nothing else as clicking people and sending them bite requests. For some because they know it is found annoying and they have a strong desire to annoy others, for others because of the L$14. (a few cents real money). On places as infohubs, freebie stores, sexual areas one is in the risk constantly being harrased by these freaks.

Liquid Designs, the creator of bloodlines and the receiver off all the profits bloodlines makes, has done nothing else to prevent this besides providing the Garlic Necklare. A few simple lines of programming “Who makes more than 5 unsuccesfull bite attempts a day cannot bite anymore that day” would stop the entire problem and take away an immense annoyance for others while not bothering their serious players. They seem not to care or perhaps care more about the profit they get out of these idiots.

And this is the reason, even more than the spampires, why so many people dislike bloodlines. At all these clubs, stores, beaches, and almost every other popular location, the owners constantly have to be busy with warning and banning idiots with teeth and spampires..The one who puts all the profit in its pockets does nothing.

The bloodlines sims

If you are interested in being a vampire or wanting to learn more about them, pay a visit to the home location of bloodlines. No it is not scary, nobody will try to bite you and if they won’t work without your permission. Their Sims look like a giant shop in the sky (both are almost equal) with a bunch of people hanging out on the center part. You can use the teleporter to reach a few role play area’s at the groundlevel. These are nicely built area’s but most visitors hang around at the center of the shop in the sky.

Choose either of both locations. No need to visit both, they are almost the same.
Liquid East
Liquid Designs

Many vampire families (clans) have a homeland. That is where the family lives. You think of joining a family? Perhaps having a look around at their homeland first might be informative. Here are a few homelands of clans that I could find. Go have a look around, see their world.

Libertas Gens Homeland
Scarlett Thorns Homeland
Sierras Blood Lust
Eternal Homeland
Talamasca Castle

Joining bloodlines

You want to be a bloodlines vampire too?? Do it! Here are some things you could take into consideration, helping you to make sure you play the game successful on a way you choose.

Who gets to turn you?

Being turned into a vampire is a process in which you get bitten, purchase a hud, all your blood will be taken out of you and you will get (hopefully) new blood. Wandering around in Second Life you get plenty of offers from vampires to help you becoming a vampire too. Which one you should take?

It is all up to you. My suggestion would be to first reconsider the idea of joining Bloodlines. The game is expensive, rather boring (most new players leave the game after a short time), foor good reasons hated by a lot of other residents and the ones receiving the profit don’t care about the mess their spampires and idiots with teeth create for others.

But that is just my opinion. A lot of people disagree with me and play this game with great pleasure. You want to join, then perhaps you find the checklist below usefull in finding a good liege and family.

1. Check out the family

You can look up a potential liege at His profile page gives a link to the profile page of his family. The page of his family shows a list of family members (usually over multiple pages), check that list. Surely check a few of the lowest ranking vampires. Do many of them have a status as destroyed. If so then they didn’t get blood or stopped playing the game. Check also the has attacked lists, not from the players on top but the players that are Lycan or Vampire a bit lower, a name in red is an attack on a player or someone who became a player, a name in grey is a succesfull attack on a normal resident. A few names in grey between all the names in red are possible. When some vampires have many names in grey you know enough..these are no vampires, these are idiots with teeth.

Ask for more info about the family. Almost all serious families have notecards about the strategy of the family, family rules etc. Some even have a website. Your answer is some bla bla bla about how close and warm the family is but no written texts come up? Hmm..Perhaps there is reason to doubt about this family.

How does the homeland look? Is there a homeland? How big is it..a whole sim, half a sim? Smaller is not a homeland then it is more a house. When you notice the homeland is rather filled with shopping opportunities or a club that is also trying to draw non-family members (check the description of the land in search, it would be even better it is not in search at all). Some families are founded because the founder wants to use the family to draw people to his land, hoping that with shops and a club he can make a little profit. A homeland should be a well-taken care off place where a family lives, not a commercial venue. You are looking to be a vampire, not someone’s marketing instrument.

2. Check out the liege

He who turns you is gonna be your liege and your soul location. On his profile in Second Life you see the date he joined Second Life, on his profile on slbloodlines, you see the date he joined bloodlines (the first date in the list Attacked by). In the game you will be dependend on him. So, it would be nice if he is a bit experienced. If he is less than half a year in Second Life or less than 2 months at bloodlines he is not experienced.

You are expecting your liege to be a new friend? A friend is a person who amongst other things also has time available for you. Did he suggest he will be a friend? His profile shows his number of minions. Is that a rather large number? How close you think the friendship will be if the dude already has 50 other simular friendships to keep and is now busy trying to turn you?

Is he a spampire? Spampires will leave you shortly after they get what they want (your soul). Remember that spampires are often rather good in pretending they are sensible persons and not nutcases. Did you meet him at a telehub, hangout, freebie store, sex beach? Nobody except a noob just happens to be at a telehub. This sort of places are perfect hunting grounds for spampires.

Does he have payment info used in his profile. (Payment info used, not payment info on file). If he has that it means that at least once he bought Linden dollars. If not, but he still promisses you to provide you with blood..How is he gonna pay for that??? Promissing presents but having no cash is a remarkable combination.

He didn’t give you a folder full with nice skins or beautifull hair. Did he? If he did, mute him, leave and delete the goodies. Spampires often walk around with collections of copybotted goodies. Those are stolen! And they can get you into trouble. Nobody has loads of high quality stuff with transfer rights..unless it is stolen or they are the creator. He gave you a lot of hair but is not a hair designer? Leave.. leave.. leave..

How much blood he has according to his profile on Less than 10 liters? Does he have a bloodcontainer? No? How will he keep you feeded?

3. Think about timezones

Americans joining families mainly consisting out of Europeans or vice versa should consider timezones. Assuming you have a normal day/night rythm, Europeans who are on during the evening can build good friendships whith americans who are on during the day and vice versa. Otherwise you would just hardly meet each other. You be on while your friends are sleeping…

Your liege could best have the same timezone and simular on-line hours as you have.

4. Get in on top

Your potential liege has also a liege, who also has a liege, who also has a liege..and so it goes on till you come to the top: the queen or king of the family. On slbloodlines, click on the name of the liege of your potential liege, you get his page, do the same…and count the steps. How many steps? More than 5 is a problem in case your intention is to become a succesfull vampire with also minions yourself. The lesser the better.

5. Buy time

A good way to find out how serious a friend a new friend is is to let time pass. Is he in a rush turning you into a vampire? Let him wait, ask questions, get a tour over the homeland, go out dancing… He is still sticking with you, takes time for you? Or does he keep on rushing you? Don’t let him turn you on the first meeting, give him the chance to prove he is serious by having time for you tomorrow also.

If his interest is more into turning you than in helping you, or he is just a spampire..He will get off when he realizes you will cost too much time. A truely new friend will stick with you.

A common trick used to rush you is to teleport in another vampire (or spampire). You are male? A nice girl of his family will suddenly show up, or a a nice boy when you are female. Being all cute and sweet..this one also starts talking about turning you..turning you right now! No, the second person didn’t come coincidentally, he is there because he is asked to come. Realize that you are being manipulated and draw your conclusions.

A trick you can use is doing not all the chat in IM but use local chat instead. Does he still remember details about you tomorrow when you come back? He has a logging of his IM’s – yes he has – but not of his local chat.

6. Talk with his liege

Ask if you could meet his liege. If you can it is a good sign. If you are told the family is very close but your liege finds it complicated to fullfill such a simple request…Is the family really that close? They all say. It is nice to see some proof.

7. He pays the hud for you

Also when you have no problem spending L$500 for the HUD you need, your new liege should offer to pay it. That is a common accepted rule of decency, it is how it should be. Your grandma can carry heavy bags, but when you come back from shopping with her, you carry it. It is a common accepted rule of decency. Make it count big if he sees it otherwise.

You might notice he is a bit nervous at this point. That is normal, he might be afraid to get Hud scammed. He cannot buy the Hud for you, he has to give you the money and then you buy it. It happens a lot that vampires get ripped off this way, where the potential new vampire takes the money, laughs at the vampire, doesn’t buy the hud but leaves with the money. Hud scams happen a lot. He will have to take that risk. (Of course you should just buy the hud from the money or refuse the money but not do something silly)

8. Understand the game before you start

You made it till the bottom of this page. That is a start. How long are you in Second Life? You understand the basics of Second Life already? If not, perhaps do first things first and wait a while before starting a complex game within Second Life. A new offer to make you a vampire will definitly come, don’t worry about that. Do some reading and in-world exploring about bloodlines. Learn..

How to say no

Dare to say yes. Sometimes one says yes to someone about something and it turned out to be a mistake. This like that happen..Some people have difficulties refusing or saying no. Spampires but also a lot of others who want something from you make use of that. They abuse the friendly nature of others. Saying yes is almost always easier than saying no.

You feel you get talked into something, and they just won’t let you loose. Remember no is no. Till the last moment you have the right to change your mind, for whatever reason you decide. If you say no, you do not have to explain why. You don’t have to discuss your reasons. It is your second life, your soul, your decision.

In real life you can close the door to get rid of the annoying sales man. In Second life you cannot. He can keep on IM’ing you. In that case he is the cruel and impolite one. You can just teleport elsewhere and ignore his messages. It is the Second Life equivalent of closing that door. It is not you who is cruel, it is the other who keeps nagging about something you already said no to.

Just do it! You cannot be friends to everybody. If he blocks your way of saying bye the nice way, do it less nice. It is his fault, not yours. People have to respect what you say and not keep on nagging about something they want from you.

You might have learned in Real Life that it not-done to just walk out of a conversation. But in Real life not everybody could always just start talking to you anytime they want. In real life you could say you have to go and hang up the phone, in Second Life you cannot. After saying bye just not responding anymore is a very common accepted form of behaviour. Don’t let others tell you you should respond to them. You should not! You decide with who to talk with and for how long.

It is perfectly allright for you to not accept the very first offer to be turned into a vampire. You choose who turns you and when that happens, nobody has the right to try to force you.

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