300 games contest

A group of 300 games contests 300 Games Contest
The 300 games contests are cumulative contests that run for 300 games. After the 300 games are reached, the contest pays out and starts a new round. For each buy in range there is a different contest, so that people playing e.g. L$5 are not competing to one playing L$5000.

Your score is the sum of the scores of all games you played, corrected for the buy in amount. It is corrected by dividing the score by N, and then multiplying it with the buy in amount of the game. N being the top range of the contest +1. (The contest with the highest buy ins doesn’t have a top range, for this contest N=10,000)

So if you play a L$300 game, your score counts 3 times heavier as a L$100 game. (Thus if you play L$300 by playing 3 times a L$100 game, it is the same as one L$300 game).

The prizes you can win are displayed on the contest. The top 5 players win a prize. The contest pays automatically when the round finishes. You don’t have to do anything.

The fun of these contests is that they go fast. You can gain a lot by looking when to play and how much to play.

You can inspect your own rank at the contest by pressing the Find in ranking button.

A 300 games contest

You should take into consideration the playing of others. There are only 3 spots on the board that give a prize, so competition is fierce. Any good strategy also takes into consideration all other contests and rewards.

When you are determining how many games you have to play in order to pass another player (or how much another player has to play in order to pass you), you can make a good estimate using the following formula:
X = The score of the player to be passed
Y = The score of the player that wants to pass X
A = The average score per game.
M = The maximum buy in, the board divides scores by M.
GP = The buy in of the game you want to play.

Total Score Needed (TS) = X – Y
Total Buy-in Needed (TB) = (TS / A) * M
Total Games Needed = TB / GP

You most likely don’t exactly know the average score you can expect per game. A good rule of thumb, take about 90% of the score as given on the X2 multiplier. That is far from exact but remember, you are only making an estimate.

The value of M is the highest buy in amount of the contest +1. For the contest with the highest buy in, M=10,0000 (that contest does not have a highest buy in amount)

Please note When playing a game it can happen that you still have some rounds left after you already beated the target score. It is wise to continue playing as good as you can anyways, every point you score will count for the contest.

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