This is SLI Chun Hi, welcome at SLIndex. We are a group that loves their lives in Second Life.

We use this site to provide manuals and information. It is sometimes just handier to have a web page than a notecard.

You don’t are already in Second Life? Oh, then Google must have dropped you on this page. I don’t know what you was searching for but you found something better. Try second life! You’ll love it. It is a whole new world where you are welcome to enter, for free.

Curious about Second Life? Create a free account here: Second Life

We are looking forward meeting you inside Second Life.

Second what??

Second life. Just check it out! It is not a game, it is a world. A world filled with people who do what people do, but different.
You can sign up and join for free at the Second Life website.

Give yourself some time to get used and to get to know this world and life will never be the same.
Or, if you prefer boredom, ignore our wise advice and go watch TV instead or be active and post silly jokes on your facebook.
Fine with us too. We go along having a good time in Second Life.

It is not our world, we just live there.

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